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Robii Md.Abu naser
( Bangladesh )

Fotografie; Druckgrafik



Titel   Searching for missed mystery of happiness
Künstler   Robii Md.Abu naser
Serie  Parformance Picture
Originalgröße  24x36 inc

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It was really a great time to explore the vitality of season and its effect on life, after a heard winter the mountain walkup with worm wind, snow had been malted few weeks ago, new leafs and many colorful wild flowers came out within a month. Every thing was very beautiful around me. I was enjoying it so much, it made me extremely happy after every visit, but I was questioning my self at the same time.

Why I like to go to mountain?
What is happening in my mind when I am climbing mountain?
How my body acts with the environment and the height of mountain?
How my sensations perform to deliver the feelings of happiness in my mind?

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