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Brian D. Morrison
( France )

Design; Zeichnung; Mischtechnik; Malerei; Druckgrafik

Brian D. Morrison - Capillary  Zeichnung, Malerei

This is a series I call "capillary", because here I exploited the remarkable phenomenon of capillary attraction. This demonstrates the effects of using a soft brush and varying pressure to encourage Indian ink to disperse in sandwich with diverse kinds of Japanese paper, tissue or transparent foil. Inks produced by Rohrer & Klinger of Leipzig were used on account of their special capillary qualities in addition to known durability. All works were produced on coated (gesso) heavyweight Arches or Canson paper. These works will remain absolutely unique, since an exciting element of hazard is always present. Not so large in size (between 18 x 24 and 33 x 41 cm.) the intricately fine detail is best appreciated at a close distance.
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