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Anne-Marie Delaunay-Danizio
( United States )

Design; Zeichnung; Mischtechnik; Multimedia; Skulptur

Anne-Marie Delaunay-Danizio - Collages 2011  Zeichnung, Mischtechnik

The works shown in this gallery are collages combining various media. They are sometimes abstract, since I work on lines, color, balance and texture, and sometimes symbolic. While I tend to assign my own meanings and interpretations to my works, I encourage the viewers to find their owns.
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Blue Horse
Fine Art Print Ready

Broken Wings
Orginal For Sale
Fine Art Print Ready

Pink and Yellow
Fine Art Print Ready

The Inner Landscape of the Ice Queen
Fine Art Print Ready

The Seven continents
Orginal For Sale
Fine Art Print Ready

Black Horse
Orginal For Sale
Fine Art Print Ready

Jeunes Filles en Fleurs et en Epines
Fine Art Print Ready

Fine Art Print Ready

Orginal For Sale
Fine Art Print Ready

Hot & Cold
Fine Art Print Ready

Inner Split

Young Maiden with Black Flowers
Orginal For Sale
Fine Art Print Ready

Dodo and Dino
Fine Art Print Ready

The Iliad
Fine Art Print Ready

The Odyssey
Fine Art Print Ready

The Love of my Life
Orginal For Sale
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Fine Art Print Ready

Fine Art Print Ready

Icarus Fall
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Reviews & Kommentare

  • Original!

    Von Nick_Katkov - 13.11.2011 10:49:04
  • J'aime énormément :) Je suis Fan.

    Von GuyCharlesAlbert - 08.11.2011 22:24:05
  • SheMan: Shinny, funny, colorful, so bright artwork! I love it!!

    Von dop911 - 25.09.2011 08:00:02
  • On a envie de toucher

    Von GuyCharlesAlbert - 29.08.2011 11:57:27
  • J'aime beaucoup les couleurs

    Von GuyCharlesAlbert - 29.08.2011 11:56:37
  • Thank you for your comment, Anne-Marie! I love your new works, especially 'The Inner Landscape of the Ice Queen'! I can see that you too find contrasts appealing and interesting to explore!

    Von Iliana - 27.07.2011 11:54:11
  • Hello Anne-Marie,thanks for comment...nice Pink and Yellow composition...

    Von stanko - 26.07.2011 19:37:29
  • How could "Iliad" and "Odyssey" not be among my favorites?..

    Von artemis - 27.06.2011 11:59:56
  • Merci,j'aime beaucoup vos travaux aussi.Surtout Cross-Currents.
    Bonne continuation!

    Von MpartpIN - 27.06.2011 11:57:29
  • The Iliad: Superbe palette de couleurs ! Une très belle composition

    Von dop911 - 27.06.2011 10:15:13
  • I thank you too for your nice comment Anne-Marie. Always interested in your new works and their inspirational power.
    Best wishes

    Von artemis - 13.06.2011 10:09:10
  • Fantastic works with, admittedly, many possible meanings.

    Von artemis - 10.06.2011 19:19:10
  • Thank you Anne-Marie for this nice comment on my work!

    Von lapointe_francine - 07.06.2011 06:44:27
  • As always..your works are a pleasure to see..

    Von coltscoach56 - 07.06.2011 06:24:25
  • Excellent work!!

    Von katrina - 04.06.2011 10:55:09
  • Superbe, vraiment j'aime beaucoup Anne-Marie bonne journée a toi et a bientot j'espère

    Von GuyCharlesAlbert - 16.05.2011 11:41:12
  • Hallo Anne-Marie,thanks for your comment...I saw many nice your works

    Von stanko - 30.04.2011 16:47:22
  • The Inner Landscape of the Ice Queen : Magnifique composition ! La plus belle pièce de la galerie. Encore une fois : superbe.

    Von dop911 - 19.03.2011 14:18:46

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