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Gila Paris
( Luxembourg )

Digitalkunst; Installation; Mischtechnik; Malerei; Fotografie; Druckgrafik

Gila Paris - Walking through a Vision  Digitalkunst, Mischtechnik, Fotografie

These images belong to a series I called "Nomads in the Middle East". Images of this series were exhibited in the Museum of New Art in Detroit, New York City, moreover at the European Institutions. The exhibtion was honored by the label of the European Year 2009 of creativity & innovation... the technic is very special. Photography meets painting. Sizes are various from 30 cm x 40 cm until 90 cm x 120 cm. Limited editions.
The canvas Journey # 1 is sold to a collector in Saudi Arabia.

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Journey 1
Orginal For Sale
Fine Art Print Ready

Journey 3
Orginal For Sale
Fine Art Print Ready

Journey 2
Orginal For Sale
Fine Art Print Ready

Women 3
Orginal For Sale
Fine Art Print Ready


Woman 1
Orginal For Sale
Fine Art Print Ready

Stone Desert 19
Orginal For Sale
Fine Art Print Ready

Cross Culture
Orginal For Sale
Fine Art Print Ready

Women 4
Orginal For Sale
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no title
Orginal For Sale
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no title 2
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Reviews & Kommentare

  • je n'avais pas vu l'ensemble des travaux. bravo, c'est superbe

    Von isochrone - 14.01.2012 15:25:44
  • Gila you look very comfy sitting doing your work. By the way I noticed your sister's art/ C'est vrai? Bonne.
    Au Revoir
    barb mann

    Von barbaragreenemann - 16.09.2011 09:49:12
  • I'm back. Your paintings have a calm and you have captured a view of the Arab world I have rarely seen,I too did a piece with 2 figues in this dress but I wasn't sure how I felt about the painting. Sometimes if things are far from my accepted usual stlye I'm hesitant about showing them . However tI think I should as this is a perfect atmosphere of supportive truthful friends. Thanks Gtla

    Von barbaragreenemann - 16.09.2011 09:46:05
  • Gila did you deliever the certificate to the Sheik at his house? his casbah?
    Midnight at the Oasis..

    Von barbaragreenemann - 15.09.2011 13:48:12
  • I don't think i got the full "togetherness " of these pieces till now. Porquoi> duh. But I love the addition of paint and I was just thinking of this as it really add a new dimensionality to the print. And to have it found by the collector. Perfect!

    Von barbaragreenemann - 15.09.2011 13:44:14
  • The blending of portraits with colors, creates a superb effect.

    Von melusina - 31.07.2011 14:50:25
  • Colours are great........

    Von TONYBISHOP - 06.01.2011 15:50:54
  • Powerful work Gila!

    Von ciccariello - 29.12.2010 04:04:20
  • A very good work ! All the series ...

    Von michael_johna - 26.12.2010 03:07:34
    Encore... Encore !

    Von Bozarts - 17.12.2010 11:44:56
  • Très puissant.
    M art'IN

    Von MpartpIN - 16.12.2010 13:49:11
  • Magnificent, Gila. To me apart from being very talented your whole work is incredibly well balanced.

    Von Iliana - 16.11.2010 11:10:21
  • Absolutely wonderful work, great capture! Love it!

    Von Varvara - 26.08.2010 18:41:17
  • Good art...!

    Von Dabrowski - 10.08.2010 04:04:07
  • Hi Gila,
    The picture is very good,
    4 points from me.


    Von ChristophW - 18.07.2010 17:41:30
  • Really remarkable body of work...

    Von jacobb - 10.07.2010 02:17:16
  • superbe et émouvant

    Von disabelier - 03.07.2010 11:47:09
  • J'aime ce peinture... Merci !

    Von watercolorsgallery - 01.07.2010 11:40:37
  • Très beau travail Gila.
    Votre œuvre est très variée, colorée, expressive, et j'aime beaucoup cette galerie.
    Super, j'emporte Women 4.

    Von Fammouse - 03.06.2010 18:53:03
  • A very good work ! Your series is impressive.

    Von michael_johna - 01.06.2010 21:27:56
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