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Significance of essay writing for academic excellence  
von   John Mathew

Essay Writing can be explained as an act that refuses to be efficient. This is the strength of writing, not its liability. Essay writing is one of the main form of writing. An essay can be said as a piece of writing, usually from the writer's personal point of view. Essays are always non-fictional but often subjective; while expository, essays can also include narratives. Essays can be literary criticism, recollections,political manifestos, observations of daily life, learned arguments and reflections of the author. Essay's primary goal is to speculate,examine,analyze or interpret. Essays are one of the most widely employed forms or writing. More than being assigned as a part of academic requirements, essays are published in a variety of periodicals from magazines and newspapers, to blogs and literary journals. The essay format is a template used to give shape and organization to ideas. Well.. what are essays? There’s always the personal statement, and usually the significant activity essay. Some colleges ask about academic interests, or the intellectual experience. In addition, there can be an essay about your reaction to an honor code; the “tell us when you gained respect for diversity”; the song you would choose to sing in a talent show; the person of significant influence; real or imagined or metaphorical; the story of a street, the world you come from; the one issue that you would raise if you had an hour to meet with a government official;A successful, and supportive campus community; the values that you believe are important in fostering a cohesive, daily routine or tradition of yours that may seem ordinary to others but holds unique meaning for you; the one accomplishment that you achieved in an unlikely way; or the letter to a future roommate. Then after writing three or four different essays, there’s yet another—there’s the my best essay writing service, something you find fun and entertaining, anything else you want to tell us, or the optional statement. All these essays take considerable time and sometimes an extraordinary degree of creativity imagination, and out-of-the-cube thinking.