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Kimberly Joyce
( United States )

Art Digital; Dessin; Mode; Peinture


Kimberly Joyce

After graduating College with a BFA in Illustration, I was hired immediately as full-time Retoucher, Graphic Designer and Photo Restoration Artist at a photography studio. I have grown in that position over eight years now. My classical art education enables me to see what looks natural and how to enhance an image, giving it a naturally polished look. I also work as a freelance illustrator and painter. I work with both traditional and digital media, namely oils and Photoshop. I develop ideas from thumbnails to final piece, with focus on subject matter, composition, color, page layout, and audience, eagerly tackling any project that comes my way and always meeting deadlines. In my spare time I also enjoy Video Editing and making Fan-Art.


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  • Hello Kimberly, photo restoration is a fabulous job and I admire your precision, congratulations
    AlanB - 25/05/2012 15:53:03

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