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Mike Quest
( Luxembourg )

Technique Mixte; Peinture


Mike Quest

I work with acrylic and oil colours as well as aerosols on canvas. My works are realised mostly in black & white although I sometimes add colours to emphasize certain aspects. The main subjects are people and their creations notably technology. Usually a picture starts as a sketch in my computer and materializes then on a canvas with me being the "printer".

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Comments received

  • Congratulations. I like your work.
    See you on the show in Luxemburg!
    barbara - 22/09/2011 09:06:26

  • Like the striking style of your design. Very nice!

    GLIAUGIR - 19/09/2011 20:15:30

  • Thank you Mike. Your works are all v ery inspiring!
    artemis - 30/08/2011 11:00:01

  • Great idea, black and white paintings like photos, only much better. Really appreciate "Wagner".
    artemis - 01/12/2010 16:55:28

  • Excellent portrait. I suppose that your base are photography?
    My preference goes definitively to Ste Jobs. Really well done and interesting to see his portrait near Wagner and Mona Lisa :-). Steve is indeed a great artist (in IT)!
    dop911 - 01/12/2010 16:17:09

Comments sent

  • Like your portraits, especially Pasternak and Beckett!
    mikeQ - 03/10/2011 22:33:32

  • Congratulations! I very much like the series with the illuminated faces around the screens. See you soon in the Abbaye...
    mikeQ - 26/09/2011 10:46:36

  • Like the way your work is "constructed"
    mikeQ - 17/09/2011 11:05:35

  • Like the Kontrasts and your views!
    mikeQ - 15/09/2011 19:21:21

  • Like your series of "chairmen" and the accordion that is hiding in a closet.
    mikeQ - 15/09/2011 19:07:43

  • Like your style and your humor!
    mikeQ - 13/09/2011 23:44:50

  • I very much like "Siena" and "Land des Lächelns"
    mikeQ - 09/09/2011 22:41:41

  • I quite like the style with its inverted outlines that looks like a "negative" even though it is a "positive"
    mikeQ - 06/09/2011 23:25:17

  • I very much like "Extremism in their midst"...
    mikeQ - 06/09/2011 22:49:11

  • Great work! One can almost "feel" the paint...
    mikeQ - 06/09/2011 22:26:14


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