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ellina katsnelson
( Israel )

Art Digital; Dessin; Peinture; Photographie; Impression


ellina katsnelson

Ellina Katsnelson has been influenced by Russian great artists such as Rerich and Vrubel.Her works can be found in numerous private collections in Israel,Italy,Germany,Vienna,Copenhagen,Russia,USA,Belgum,England.

In 2009-2010 Ellina Katsnelson partisipated in several group exhibitions such as:

Jerusalem ,Shimshon Center",Shmuel House"-"Imaginary Narrative",Dialog Arabs&Jews

Tel-Aviv,"Amiad12" gallery,this exhibition was shown on Israeli TV ,98 channel/YES/,/Hot/

Tel-Aviv,The Jaffa Museum Of Antiquities,International Group Exhibition "Eternal Eve',was shown on Norway TV,Swissiland TV,Israeli TV

There was the personal Exhibition of Ellina Katsnelson in Belgum,Antwerpen,at The Gallery of Cristian Coster "Changing Art",put on www.youtube.com "arteuropeelin"




Comments received

  • Excellent new work!!!!
    katrina - 02/06/2011 08:20:05

  • Reminds me of the ancient Roman Encaustic painting from the ruins of Pompei "The Scholars."
    samuelzylstra - 03/07/2010 01:29:57

  • Excellent work.
    katrina - 31/05/2010 07:32:34

  • I want to sleep, to be fast asleep,

    But my thoughts don`t let me,

    They make me ask God

    If I love Him, if I truly love Him,

    And He answers me with the same question

    “Do you love me?”

    “My Lord,

    I want to be the child

    Who appears from

    Blue flowers

    And tells You from the distance, laughing

    And running to You :

    “Look, My Lord, the blue flowers!

    I give them to You,

    They are Yours

    Because You caressed them

    Every night when the moon rises,

    You know, My Lord, I watched You last night,

    I saw the tears that made Your face glitter,

    The stars were singing but You kept silent,

    I beg You to take these blue flowers,

    They are Yours

    Because they are born from Your tears.

    victoritadutu - 13/05/2010 20:58:43

Comments sent

  • I like it!

    ellindream1313 - 31/03/2012 16:10:52

  • I like this work very much!!!
    ellindream1313 - 31/03/2012 16:08:39

  • I love your works.
    Ellina Katsnelson
    ellindream1313 - 13/06/2010 10:40:16

  • Thank you very much for your powerful poem.Nice paintigs,spiritual ...
    ellindream1313 - 31/05/2010 23:41:03


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