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john graham
( Ireland )


john graham

hi my name is john i like all kinds of animals especially dogs and painting landscapes


Comments received

  • Happy new year.
    safo666 - 29/12/2010 14:17:18

  • "desert orchid" is so beautiful too.i love your white horse.
    safo666 - 30/09/2010 17:34:58

  • "The village" is so beautiful.the colors are very nice too.keep up the good working.
    safo666 - 30/09/2010 17:30:08

  • i love horses.this is a nice work.
    safo666 - 30/09/2010 17:26:02

  • it is very nice.
    safo666 - 30/09/2010 17:24:19

Comments sent

  • Hi im an artist from Ireland, I like your photo. Feel free to look at my website.
    johngraham - 22/11/2009 20:33:59

  • Hi im an artist from Ireland just like to leave a comment on your picture of the mans best friend. I do landscapes myself. Feel free to look at my website.
    johngraham - 22/11/2009 20:27:27

  • Hi im an artist from Ireland. I like yoour picture of the handstand trafalgar. Very nice.
    johngraham - 22/11/2009 20:24:05

  • Hi, im an artist from Dublin in Ireland, just looking through your work. I really like the picture of the seaplane. Feel free to look at my work.

    johngraham - 22/11/2009 20:20:09

  • ithink your paintingtitledSpirit Wolves is just great very good

    from johngrahamart.webs.com

    email johngraham9842@yahoo.com
    johngraham - 16/11/2009 22:37:51

  • i think your painting titled Manglisi is very good plenty of couour and texture

    from johngrahamart.webs .com
    johngraham - 16/11/2009 22:26:08

  • i like your painting titled hunting it is very nice i also like the background there is plenty of action in the picture

    From johngrahamart.webs.com

    johngraham - 16/11/2009 22:00:20