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tone voke
( United States )

Design; Dessin; Technique Mixte; Peinture


tone voke

Tone Voke and his paintings are best known in Germany where, during the 90's, he built a substantial clientele through private art dealers whilst working from his Hamburg studio. The paintings sold to private collectors were predominantly colorful abstractions of varying motifs including aerial landscapes and ship repairs in the dry-docks of Hamburg's harbor.

As his formal art education, Voke received a BA Honors Degree in illustration and graphic design at Central Saint Martins College of Art, London in September 1991.
In 1992, he moved to Hamburg, Germany, to gain a different cultural perspective. There, he co-founded S.K.A.M.; a collective of 25 artist studios based in St.Pauli. He was involved in 2 annual exhibitions of this collective in 1994 and 1995. In May 2009 S.K.A.M held a final exhibition and auction to mark the closure of the original studios and to raise money for the S.K.A.M studios new home. Tone Voke showed 10 paintings at the show, the entire body of work was submitted to the auction and promptly sold out.

During the mid to late Nineties, Voke frequently visited New York and compiled a vast quantity of photographic reference material for future painting projects whilst based in a Williamsburg studio. He eventually moved to Brooklyn in 2000 to further satisfy his curiosity of disparate cultures.

After a brief foray into the music industry Voke returned to painting full-time. In 2003 he began work on a series of acrylic paintings entitled 'Propel'. These abstracted works evoke either mechanical or natural forms associated with the precept of propulsion. Influences have been drawn from the architecture and dynamics of man-made objects such as wind-turbines, boat or helicopter propellers and kites or naturally occurring forms such as seeds and insects. Some compositions depict static, ornamental renderings of these abstracted propeller mechanisms. Others portray a sense of propulsion of comparable objects through air or water. Paintings from the Propel series have been shown at the MMC Gallery in New York, the Concepto Gallery in Brooklyn and as part of 'Project Diversity'.

Tone Voke's most recent works again visit the theme of aerial landscapes and architecture.


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