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patricia no
( Hungary )

Art Digital


patricia no

born in NYC, i grew up in switzerland and south africa. in my late teens i returned to switzerland wanting to join the zurich academy of art. no go with my parents.. so instead.. i chose a commercial carreer. after my marriage i lived in south-east asia for several years, then returned to switzerland and after that lived in several other countries of europe. last was germany, now i live in hungary. i speak 8 languages, love music and have found my way back to art about 10 years ago. since computers were and are another of my interests, it was just a small step to digital art.. i am fascinated with fractals and love to integrate them into my images.. i do digital painting, digital collages ... the subject of my art varies.. from the darkest depths of the human soul, where fear, anger, pain reign to light, colourful psychedelic art.. it's all there. i love to interpret music into art.. especially flamenco, i love to travel to the country of sagas and fairy tales..


Comments received

  • super!
    M art'IN
    MpartpIN - 11/04/2010 22:20:50

  • I add some stars for "Alberich the Sorcerer" because of brillant colours and great imagination. Félicitations Patricia !

    GChris - 28/01/2010 00:47:45

  • Five stars for "Thief in the night". Very good composition !
    GChris - 27/01/2010 22:39:50

  • Your work is absolutely amazing!!!! Great colours and composition!!!!!
    katrina - 22/07/2009 08:20:50

  • The Hungarian community surprises by its expression, its talent and its detonating vision… And of made you party obviously! Bravo! Jc.
    Tranxene - 16/06/2009 21:04:41

  • Greetings my friend, your work is amazing!
    Artual - 16/06/2009 16:34:50

Comments sent

  • great photo gallery!
    mimulux - 27/01/2010 23:34:16

  • lovely creations! great gallery
    mimulux - 27/01/2010 23:28:27


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