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Magno Mesquita
( Brazil )



Magno Mesquita

Photograph appeared in his life through his paternal grandmother, at seven years of age     already followed in his footsteps Clik Rolle and a laboratory in revealing his negatives.     Professional photographer for 30 years, has work published in international journals    including The New York Times and Architeture Digest (USA) building (Italy) and RES (SUE).    Produced several books of photographs to   Museum of Contemporary Art in Niteroi - MAC, including   of pieces of inauguration, International Award   How in The Best Creative Edge 2000 and the Biennale of Graphic Design 98, tests   for the books of Artur Barrios and Antonio Manoel edited by MAC.   He participated in collective and individual exhibitions as "Forms and Figures" at the Centro Cultural Paschoal Charlemagne, in   Room Carlos Couto, in cities such as Portuguese Villa Real, Guimarães and Viana de Castelo, produced photos for   official catalog of the exhibition at the Museum of Lisbon in tribute to Joaquim Tenreiro.   Participated by the Museum of the Americas in Miami on collective Art Center (USA) and Crisolart Gallery (DNK).   In the exhibition commemorating the first anniversary of the MAC was the highlight of the opening wall   with the test "Articulation in shape and volume of Oscar Niemeyer" of its authorship.    The exhibition "Metaismorfose," opened on 08 May 2002 and was recommended   London site at The Gallery Channel as the exposure of the term of this year.   In his show "Divine Gluttony" brings to light the eroticism   that the fruit and food awaken us in 2008 "Lumínias"PhotoRio2009.


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