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Dana Klein
( United States )

Installation; Peinture


Dana Klein

Dana Klein is a New York painter with a studio in Italy since 2001. Her figurative works, done in a classic and austere approach, are based on social issues which concern the artist very much. They are intended to raise the viewers awareness towards these  issues. The landscape work is inspired by the Italian countryside where the artist resides. The free style and the 'built oil technique' is characteristic to this painter.

Brief words written for Wikipedia on Line

As my wish to bring awareness is great and as the subject of this little piece of writing is even greater, here I am, once again trying to reach out to as many people as possible. A new path for me to take, a new way to express my thoughts and feelings. I do not know how I am doing so far, as I am much better fit to describe things using brush and color than metaphorically speaking, using "pen and ink"  I am here to talk about tragedies that must never be forgotten and present disasters that should not take place in this time of ages. I am writing about madness and about indifference. I am writing about hate and racism in past and present time.I am writing about many other things, unspoken things, which, I leave up to you decide. I am writing about Auschwitz and about Africa. I am writing about "From Auschwitz to Darfur" an internationally traveling exhibition that everyone with hart and soul and some sense of decency should see. Do not turn the other way, do not close your eyes, do not walk away from my words. Instead, open your eyes wide, fill your mind with thoughts and your soul with anger and find the way to fight it all. And if you would like to get an image of what I am writing about see my stories written with brush in oil on canvas. Just search for my name on the web. Some people find me interesting enough to list it along with the manes of much more important people than unworthy me.

These words were inscribed by me, Dana Klein, a humble painter.

For her achievements in the art field Dana Klein was inducted into the ancient order of The Knights of Malta as Dama of Malta and Guardian of the Peace adhering The CCC International


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