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I'm a queer femme-artist who thinks speaking out on topics through my art is what i should be doing which kinda explains all the vagina paintings. I've been working on the vagina pieces for a little more than a year now and my vagina paintings have been showcased at four different V-Day art events as well as at a local art fair in St-Alphonse-Rodriguez, Quebec. In the past year or so, i've been concentrating my attention on how society views the female nude and especially women in general hence one of my reasons for painting female erotica. The biggest and most important show was the * Provocation - Sensuality and Eroticism * put together by the Conseil des arts du Québec in august at the Musée Juste pour Rire. My pieces were in the company as such erotic art greats as H.R. Giger. I draw and paint in what is called a figurative style, i prefer painting in oils and soft pastels for the most part.  I’ve studied for about five years in a private Art School in Montreal and absorbed a wealth of knowledge technically and this has allowed me to evolve as an artist. For me, it is essential to be able to broach topics sometimes deemed taboo or not for polite company, i make no apologies, this is who am. Subject matter varies ( still life, landscape, portrait, etc,. ) dependent on what captivates my attention at the time. Sometimes, i paint what i see, with no special message and at other times, i paint the socially unacceptable, the raw experiences of life, especially in regards to violence against women. I cannot see myself using my talent as an artist  without giving voice to what i feel matters. Of course, my being a feminist and queer woman greatly influence how is see the world around me and i’m glad for it. I love the vibrancy of what the Impressionists brought the world, i am also a fan of Rembrandt and the old school masters. I find myself influenced by the strong women in my life and throughout history and try to honor this through what i paint.  I have had few awards for my work, mainly due to my not seeking them out. I have been awarded first prize for technique and composition at the school i studied in and also received an honorable mention at a rather large art show in Montreal, i think it was at the Place Bonaventure Hotel. Other than those, i have mainly been busy selling directly to clients. One of my paintings is in the private collection of the Blake family ( Mr. Toe Blake’s daughter ), another is hanging from the wall of a private College ( Collège Français ) in the montreal area and many more have found homes all over the province, in Ontario as well as in the U.S.A. and even as far as Greece. I am now living in the Lanaudière region of the province of Quebec and painting to my heart’s content. I’m hoping to share my art with all. h-erotically, Circé


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