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Mirza Ajanovic
( United States )

Photographie; Impression


Mirza Ajanovic

Mirza Ajanovic; Fine ART Photography, Artist MIRZA AJANOVIC: Painting with Light, Rhythm and Movement Painting, Music of light, painter of light, Painting Music, Visual expression of music in Photography, ART Avant-garde, Painting with Light, Motion ART, ART Avant-garde, Avant-garde Painting with Light, Motion ART, Painting with MOTION Light, Motion artist, Shadows Dance, Fine touch color and B&W Photography, TransRealism, Intensely preoccupied with exploring light and color, Picture is based on light and darkness counterpoints, with elements of Chiaroscuro, Perception beyond Appearances, Transcendental ART surrealism, Metaphysics ART, Strong, dramatic expression, while ... acutely observed realism brought a new level of emotional intensity, Observation of physical and psychological reality, ARTIST Mirza Ajanovic Poetic d Lomography Masterful Meanings in Light and Shadow, Bird Symbolism and Spirituality, Symbolism, Fine ART Photography, Artist Mirza Ajanovic Photography, POETIC Photography, Mystical Photography, Perception beyond any veil; including the veil of religion, ""I've brought you a mirror. Look at yourself and remember me."" - Jalaluddin Rumi Artist MIRZA AJANOVIC Fine ART Photography, www.wix.com/artajanovic/mirza artajanovic@yahoo.com


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