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Anna Nwaada Weber
( Germany )

Art Digital; Peinture; Photographie


Anna Nwaada Weber

I was born in Germany and stayed some years in the home country of the father, Nigeria, West Africa.

During my studies and PhD in physics at the University of Heidelberg (finished 2001), I also stayed some years at the nuclear research institute "CERN", Geneva. During this stay I participated in the artist group "CERN".

1998 - 2006 Various courses in nude drawing, painting, sculpture and photography in Geneva, Heidelberg, Wiesbaden and Munich

Begin Study of painting and graphics at the IBKK, Bochum
Training "Free drawing and painting" with Prof. Lajming, Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts

2009 Workshop "Monotype" with Prof. Sonnewend, IBKK, Bochum

Member of the VFDK (Association of Free German artist).

I live with my son and husband near Duesseldorf.


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