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Rudolf Németh
( Hungary )



Rudolf Németh

Hungary - Budapest Drawing and graphic distinction 1979, youth artisan. Later by 1990, discovering self-expression in the most unique styles of painting and other techniques. Currently 2008 - 2009 years, works in oil painting. Through the enlightenment of spiritual visions, developed a one-of-a-kind style of direction. In his giftedness, frequently painting the clear sighted future. By these, often influencing the advancement of his personal life. Fulfillment in the arts leads way to his state of photography. Many placements and competitions, including international levels of achievement, have given access to elevate his abilities to the next level. Permanent photo exhibits of the Balaton landscape and its textures are introduced. "Art is self-expression, the type of dimension where our own essence transcends into the finished masterpiece" Painting Exhibits : 2005. June: Uránia Theater (II. Painting and Interior Exhibit) 2008. September 12-26. Opera Gallery - (Exhibitions) 2008. November 20-23. Opera Gallery - (Art Market) 2008. December 10-23. Opera Gallery - (Christmas Art Market) 2009. Permanent Display Opera Gallery (Bp.VI.Lázár st.6.) 2009. New York-Agora Gallery Painting placement and competition March 20. 2009. Cohorts, Japan-Tokyo-Ginza May 27-31. 2010. Budapest. Opera Gallery. Photo Exhibit: National Geographic Photo Competition 4th Place 2006. Budapest. West End City Center December 21. 2009. Balatonszentgyörgy, Artist House - Permanent Photo Display (Close-up pictures of nature). 2010. Budapest. National Geographich-Exhibitions. 2009. Since January, selected and represented by the European Authentic Cultural Society. (The Curator Members: Sz?nyi Tibor Painter, the Opera Gallery Head of perations, Dr. Fiore Tondi urator, Dr. Havadi Nagy István professor, curator, Dr. Rhédey Zoltán secretary) The international relations supervisory council operates the Budapest Opera Gallery, where he and his works, as a selected and represented artist by the collective international jury, continuously participates his pieces in the gallery, combined exhibits, organized events, international press,media appearances, as well as, Artissimo artisan columns. Artist Alias: ATMAN Copyright: (creative artist the Ptk.77 par. 2. bek. official upkeep of 1354 registrant, recorded name.) Meaning: Implies the light of reality and represents God. He the creator of the universe, and cosmic intelligence, and the knowledge of purity. The light, life, reality, will, and feeling, are defined.


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