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CULTUREINSIDE congratulates all participants to the creative works submitted to the competition URBAN LEGENDS. The Jury and the CI team decided to surprise the winners with the 3 best ratings in the Public Prize. We appreciate all efforts undertaken to create new works in the context of URBAN LEGENDS. We thank you all for your high interest and efforts. We are happy to announce you the artists whose works are selected by the jury and the public.


Urban Legends Winners

Urban Legends Show - URBAN LEGENDS online show 

On a lighter note, we announce that the new competition and exhibition is open. Our October show will be based on artists interpreting the theme “Urban Legends”. The images, modern myths and stories, viral morality and horror tales that have come to own the meaning of the term, are part of the defining experience of modern life. Stories of accident and retribution, claims of the experience being close to the source and true ,” this really happened to a friend of a friend of mine” is something we have all shared in conversation or email. Films of fear and horror have capitalized on some of the stories because of how real and close they seem to us.
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juliette Gribnau (Netherlands )

Rachou (France )

Stefan Eck (Canada )

Alain Bellone (France )

Gu‚nol‚e Carrel (France )

Harouna Ouedraogo (Burkina Faso )

bruno seigle (France )

Maciej Hoffman (Poland )

Jean Jacques Venturini (France )

Florence Schlotter (France )

carry van delft (Netherlands )

benedicte blanc-fontenille (United States )

dominique pellen (France )

Charles-Edouard Mosneron Dupin (Belgium )

Jean-F‚lix Fayolle (France )

frederic Cresson (France )

Corinne László (Netherlands )

Bruno Daniele (Italy )

michel Gallo (France )

kesaije (France )

bruno dumas d'argencourt (France )

Bernard Maricau (France )

Nina Vetrova-Robinson (United States )

Sabine Schlossmacher (Germany)

Alexandra Debodjoya (France)


Urban Legends


This prize is based on the rating during the open votes in the context of the competition given by the CULTUREINSIDE community members. And here our surprise to the 3 best rated of this Public Prize, they also can show a selected work in the studio & street show in New York and be part of the online show on this site. This prize goes to :  Alexandra Debodjoya, France (PP 1. place) and the 2 artists (PP place2  and 3)  listed below (you will be contacted by e-mail by CI this night or on Wednesday for more information)

The ranking of the Public Prize is the following:  

 Alexandra Debodjoya ( France )
 Sabine Schlossmacher ( Germany )
 Jean Jacques Venturini ( France )


The winners of Urban Legends selected by the jury will show their works in the street & studio show Urban Legends in New York and its online show. These winning artists are: (random order)

Juliette Gribnau ( Netherlands )Stefan Eck ( Canada ), Alain Bellone ( France ), Guénolée Carrel ( France ), Harouna Ouedraogo ( Burkina Faso ), Bruno Seigle ( France ), Maciej Hoffman ( Poland ), Jean Jacques Venturini ( France ), Florence Schlotter ( France ), Carry van Delft ( Netherlands ), Benedicte Blanc-Fontenille ( United States ), Dominique Pellen ( France ), Charles-Edouard Mosneron Dupin ( Belgium ), Jean-Félix Fayolle ( France ), Frederic Cresson ( France ), Corinne László ( Netherlands ), Bruno Daniele ( Italy ), Michel Gallo ( France ), Vincent Ubags (Belgium), Virginie Melcer Valognes (kesaije)( France ) Nina Vetrova-Robinson ( United States ), Bruno Dumas d'argencourt ( France ), Bernard Maricau ( France )