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CULTUREINSIDE. congratulates all participants to the high number of creative works submitted to the competition State of Creation. Thanks to all participants for your high interest, efforts and participation in the competition.We want to thank the jury members for their cooperation in this project, their commitment and invested time. it was not an easy job. We are happy to announce you the winning artists and works selected by the jury. Under the image gallery you find a complete list about the winning artists.

The 5 best rated images by the jury are:

1. Le mur - Marc Montméat   2. - Estadio Monumental - Marco Simola  3.  No title # 2 Cayetano Ferrandez  4. IN ShamSham Samy 5. No title # 1 - Bo Bolther




Title   Andreea Cioran; title : S4
Artist   State of Creation
Architecture, Cityscape
Serie  Collection STATE OF CREATION
Original size  50 x 75 cm, lim. ed. of 5

Original / Limited Edition

Price starting:   800 EUR / 990 USD

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Collection STATE OF CREATION Auto-nr. SOC011
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Andreea Cioran, Romania
series : Society
Auto-nr. SOC011