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JUNE 25 - JULY 25 2009 ROOTED 

ROOTED Opening reception: Thursday, June 25th : 6 - 8 pm
TUE - FRI 2.30 - 6.30 pm, SAT 10 -12 am / 2 - 5 pm
The gallery is located at 21, rue du St-Esprit - 1475 Luxembourg. 

Read about Galerie Clairefontaine                                   (see map)


INFORMATION how to apply to the competition

how to apply




public prize

guidelines for application

registration fee

submission deadline

curatorial committee (jury)


• terms & conditions

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If you are a CULTUREINSIDE artist



You are not yet a member, but artist, photographer ...?

If you are a CULTUREINSIDE artist - then skip number 1 and go straight to point 2.



Then become a CULTUREINSIDE member by registering. The membership is free! After, you can enter the competition. register & enter the competition

Enter the competition, then create a gallery of work to participate in the competition.



Enter the competition, then create a gallery of work to participate in the competition.
You need to submit your gallery of work to the competition. (DEADLINE MAY 15 2009)


You need to submit your gallery of work to the competition. (DEADLINE MAY 15 2009)

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All traditional and contemporary styles will be accepted and considered.

CULTUREINSIDE is sponsoring a juried art competition. Our partner for the a real brick and mortar exhibition is GALERIE CLAIREFONTAINE in Luxembourg-city.  

1. The curatorial committee will select 30 finalists from the registered artists who have submitted their work to the competition.

2. Among these 30 finalists, several winners will be selected to have their work represented at the Galerie CLAIREFONTAINE esp2, June 25 - July 25, 2009 in Luxembourg. 


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In the following we speak of winners, finalists & a public prize. Let's resume shortly : Winners will be shown in the real show in Luxembourg. Finalists will be shown together with the winners in the online show and online catalogue. The public prize will be mentioned in the online catalogue.

• The prize concerns the winners. The work of several winners will be represented by CULTUREINSIDE at the Galerie CLAIREFONTAINE esp.2 in Luxembourg. (number of winners will be given with the winners' announcement).

• To raise visibility worldwide and locally CULTUREINSIDE will send out important internet announcements and mailed notifications regarding the event.

• Art critics and members of the press & media will be invited to visit the show and to review the work.

• A printed catalog will be distributed at the event.

• Transportation cost of shipping the winning artist’s work to the gallery will be sponsored up to a fix amount. (see terms & conditions)

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The curatorial committee will select 30 finalists. The works of the finalists will be presented (together with the winnes) in the online show on CULTUREINSIDE and will be part of the online catalog along.

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One online “Public Prize” will be selected by the members of the CULTUREINSIDE community and also be mentioned in the online catalogue. The Public prize selection will begin May, 27. The winner of this prize will run until June 7,  2009.

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• The participant must be a member of CULTUREINSIDE, and submit work through www.cultureinside.com . Membership to CULTUREINSIDE is free.

• The Deadline for submission is May,15, 2009, at midnight Central European Time.

A maximum of 8 jpegs (no larger than 10 megabytes each) (a CULTUREINSIDE gallery format) should be submitted. You can submit less works.

• Each work must be titled, dated, and include dimensions in inches or cm (please indicate which if inches or cm …)

• A brief description and/or statement about each image is recommended.

• Each submitted gallery is final.

• All registration fees are non-refundable.

• All submissions are subject to the CULTUREINSIDE. Terms & Conditions.

• We have the right to establish the authenticity of an artists work if necessary.


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You can ask us why a registration fee to participate in the competition ? CULTUREINSIDE was founded as an artist's initiative by a core group of arts and web professionals without external funding or capital. So we have to ask for a competition registration fee in order to cover the costs of the events we organize for you.


Registering on or before the March, 31, 2009


Registering from the 1st of April 2009 on 

reduced submission fee :  Euros 30.-


 regular submission fee :  Euros 50.-.

• Registration as a community member must be completed before submitting work to competition. To join the community as member is completely free.

• To participate in the competition we ask for a payment of a fee. You can register first (at a reduced fee for instance) and submit your images to the competition later in a second step but before the deadline of May 15 2009 May 17 2009 (2 more days).

• Payments can be done by PayPal or credit/debit card, inside the EUROPEAN UNION payment can also be done by bank wire transfer (in Euros). The last days of the call the bank transfer will be closed because of the short delay to treat it.

1. Payment by PayPal or credt/debit card: Daily conversion rates apply to international transactions.

2. The last days before the deadline of the call: for new subscribors the bank transfer is closed now because of the short delay) Please use our secure PayPal feature. Bank wire transfer (only inside the EU): In case you choose bank wire transfer, you subscribe to the competition, but your status is first "pre-registered". The payment has to be executed within 8 days. As soon as your payment is received, the status will be updated and you can submit your gallery to the competition.

When you register to the competition before March 31st 2009 in order to profit from the reduced fee and select payment by bank wire transfer, the bank wire transfer must be executed latest on March 31st 2009.

• You only access payment information if you are logged in as artist !

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All pieces must be submitted for jury decision by midnight at Central European Time, May 15, 2009 extended to May 17). Jury will review works on a rolling base.



Competition 2009 ROOTED

until March, 31, 2009 early submission for reduced submission fee
April, 1st - May, 15 2009 submission to regular submission fee
May 15 2009 May 17 2009 deadline for contest submission (2 days more)
May, 31 June 7 2009

winners, finalists and public prize will be announced.

Winners will be contacted to organize timing of transportation to Luxembourg.

June, 25 - July 25 2009

Exhibition ROOTED in Galerie CLAIREFONTAINE, Luxembourg;

Vernissage THU 25th of June at 6.p.m.


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Curatorial comittee : The composition of the committee will be announced during the call. Appeals against curatorial decisions are not admissible.

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CULTUREINSIDE will notify the winners shortly before the official announcement via email. Work submitted for consideration must be available for immediate shipping. Substitutions are not permitted without explicit approval by CULTUREINSIDE/Gate C Sàrl.


We would be happy to have the winning artists with us at the opening reception. The artist would be responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs. We would assist the artists in finding reasonably priced accommodation.

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1. Artists retain all ownership rights to their submitted images. However, CULTUREINSIDE reserves the right to use the images of all artists for promotional purposes involving the website or competition, online and printed publications, documentations. GATE C, the organizing party, and CULTUREINSIDE are not liable for breaches of copyright by the participants.

GATE C / CULTUREINSIDE has the right to establish the authenticity of an artists work if necessary.

2. GATE C will pay up to Euros 500 to transport art from winning artists to Luxembourg for the show. Artists are responsible for the coordination and the payment of all shipping from the show location in the event the art is not sold and is returned. The selection of the shipping carrier will be at the discretion of GATE C. 

3. Works exhibited must be available for sale. CULTUREINSIDE will assist the artists in accurate pricing of the art. The commission regarding art sales is determined as follows: 50% of the retail price for the artist, 50% for CULTUREINSIDE/GATE C.Payment from sales will be issued within 3 weeks of any and all sales clearing the CI's bank account.

4. As artists we know how precious your art is! CULTUREINSIDE will unpack and repack work,  with the utmost care during this process. However, CULTUREINSIDE is not responsible for any damage to your work or portfolio. Artists are responsible for insuring their work through the duration of the shipping and exhibition period.

5. CULTUREINSIDE reserves the right to hang and display art at our own discretion. If sent art work does not correspond to our quality requirements CULTUREINSIDE reserves the right to exclude such works always after having received it. The artist will be informed about this decision.

6. Winners will have up to 24 hours to confirm their participation in the exhibition and several days to coordinate with the shipping company provided by GATE C to get their work to the exhibition location.

7. International artists are responsible for all customs’ duties and customs’ fees regarding the shipping and the handling of their art work to and from the exhibition location. It should be noted that shipping from overseas to Europe may exceed the Euros 500 allocation provided by GATE C. Charges in excess of the allocation are to be paid by the artists.

Rule & Terms Changes:

GATE C Sàrl is the owner of the online social network "CULTUREINSIDE". GATE C reserves the right to modify the contest rules and terms at any time. Contestants should read these rules carefully. Any modification goes into effect the day of publishing and apply to all members who registered for the competition.


GATE C Sàrl is a privately held company legally incorporated in Luxembourg, Europe, its headquarter is in Luxembourg. For further information regarding GATE C: http://www.gate-c.com.

Last Updated: March, 2009

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On June 25th 2009, CULTUREINSIDE.COM and Galerie Clairefontaine will inaugurate an international art exhibition entitled "Rooted". The show will consist of works by artists chosen competitively by a curatorial committee. The theme of the exhibition is an investigation, a visualization, a materialization or conceptualization of the term "rooted". What is formative, grounding, or sustaining, for us as women, men, artists or citizens? What are, Where are, How are we rooted in the world ? Philosophically, phenomenologically, psychologically or spiritually, it is a thorny and complex issue. We are sure these questions can be addressed by artists in novel and interesting ways. The curators do not want to particularize the theme or parse it beyond a basic statement. We believe that the less said on the topic the better. Artists can identify or define it as they see fit. The organizers ask that works or proposals relating to the theme be submitted in a CULTUREINSIDE online gallery for competition (see how to apply). The curators will review up to 8 images from artists applying to participate. Artists using any visual media are welcome to participate. Winners of the competition will be honored and can win prizes as listed in the call description. Winning entries will be selected for physical exhibition in the gallery, other finalists' work will be selected for the online show and catalog.  by Frank Shifreen, New York