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Bennu Corbishley
( Spain )

Design; Digital Art; Fashion; Mixed Media; Photography


Bennu Corbishley

I first got in touch with silkscreen and printing in my adolescence in The Hague at the fall of the Berlin "Stupid Wall"; then moved to Bogotá, Colombia, to finish my studies at school and started the University for several years in Architectural studies....neverending story, and in the mean time I received private lessons of Arts from world known Artist Anna Kerpel. I moved once again to the Netherlands, this time to Amsterdam for International Business studies, not bad at all...but finally I got into the Graphic Design area in the South of Spain, in Málaga, in an extension academic plan of  The University of  Wales where I could developed most of my theories and made them real.After photography class I got interested for the second time in my life and I joined an Academy also in Spain where I got a special advanced degree in Fashion Photography and Comercial Photography.

After sevral years I have developed a great talent towards creativity and new proposals for my clients.


Comments received

  • Thanks for the compliment. You are wellcome to photograph at Satama, which is the first legalized graffiti place in Helsinki.
    whitewidow - 6/18/2010 8:52:35 AM

  • Hello Bennu,
    your gallery firwomen ist very
    special and very good!
    Kindly regards!
    BineWeltbilder - 6/18/2010 7:40:36 AM

  • A very interesting work !
    Bramly - 6/16/2010 1:51:22 PM

  • your works is very interesting with actual subject
    isal79 - 6/14/2010 5:53:59 AM

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