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Linda Colnett
( United States )

Digital Art; Installation; Mixed Media; Photography; Print; Sculpture


Linda Colnett


Comments received

  • Excellent, Linda!

    Renerig - 9/25/2011 3:00:42 PM

  • clear cup*1 nice example of the art of the collage, I apprecie your creatif perso plan
    jlmartineau - 12/4/2009 3:21:08 PM

  • great works, esp From Trees to shreds #2 is my favourite_thank you, Linda!

    igor_vaganov - 11/2/2009 5:47:03 PM

  • Thank you Linda for your comments on my gallery correlation...
    I really like this gallery:clearcut1....Beatiful work...You're a great artist!
    lapointe_francine - 9/2/2009 2:10:37 AM

  • I really like this serie trees from trash..wonderful work...
    lapointe_francine - 8/21/2009 9:26:00 PM

  • Wonderful!
    Tao - 8/20/2009 12:05:05 AM

  • Great galleries, reminds me of some work being done by Chinese contemporary artists. excellent
    uedam - 7/30/2009 7:43:27 PM

  • Very powerful interesting and creative work!!!!! Like it!!!!
    katrina - 7/30/2009 7:50:49 AM

  • Démarche du collage trés perso, c'est l'art du présent en marche...à bientôt...
    jlmartineau - 7/29/2009 11:35:33 PM

  • hi again, well it is a boring night out here in the country so i decided to check out your web sight. PHEWIE !! way too much to comprehend in one late night glance, but i did spend time with the Hiroshima prints. I am a vietnam combat veteran,1969 usmc, and your prints are very intense, thought provoking and beautiful. over the years i have done many anti-war exhibits of my political work, but nothing as moving as what i saw tonight. you are doing amazing work as i'm sure you know. i also attended the san francisco art institue from 1973-76. photography major. i now run an art gallery, think visual, up here in point arena and continue to show my own work as well as emerging and well established artists. life is full. peace to you. thank-you jeff hillier
    JEFFHILLIER - 7/29/2009 8:10:14 AM

Comments sent

  • Ah Francine...you have burst into color! Viewing the Correlation pieces is like opening a jewel box...congratulations, and thank you for sharing your new work.
    lifeisart - 9/1/2009 4:44:39 PM

  • Alain,

    Your beautiful work is profoundly touching and universal. Bravo.
    lifeisart - 7/30/2009 8:01:57 PM

  • I have never been to Tunisia, but your work feels like the colors and textures of your country...wonderful, lyrical expressions.

    lifeisart - 7/29/2009 11:46:31 PM

  • Very provocative, deeply compelling work! So impressive...
    Linda Colnett
    lifeisart - 7/29/2009 8:30:24 PM

  • I love the "earthy" look and boldness of your work...very compelling.
    Linda Colnett
    lifeisart - 7/29/2009 8:19:11 PM


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