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Trystan Marshall
( United Kingdom )

Mixed Media; Multimedia; Painting; Print


Trystan Marshall

Trystan Marshall.

Trystan Marshall creates paintings that are abstracted from the landscape.
He looks deeply into the way man-made constructions are juxtaposed with the natural form. Trystan Marshall’s paintings become more than landscape paintings, they are the communication of formal elements and the complexity of the design in landscape. He observes landscapes as if it is in a constant battle with complicated forms, tones, and colour.

Man-made constructions have always interested Trystan with their geometric forms and how it contrasts with the organic. He has been inspired by the idea of how a block shape can beautifully react with a free more organic flowing form. Looking in to colour is also relevant as colour can change the dynamic feelings to the forms and backgrounds of a painting.

The landscape has always be an inspiration. From its forms, lines and colours it has been a place of thought and research. Trystan has been influenced by the post industrial landscape that surrounds his home. Often visiting his surrounding landscape, and trying to get some kind of understanding. Landscapes have so much diversity and different avenues in which to explore. Trystan Marshall has become obsessed in trying to decode the landscape, looking into man made designs such as roads and builds, and organic forms such as foliage and water, he has tried to contrast and connect the two in composition. Trystan has two locations of interest, Stithians Dam, Kennel Vale woodland. Both are different in tone and colour and linked by the River Kennel.

Trystan’s approach to this landscape was to simplify the forms and colour in the medium of paint. Rebuilding the landscape, by layering and overlapping the forms. By this he has wanted to create a juxtaposed space and time. Trystan Marshall has stuck to a limited palette focusing on the colours, forms and lines that are natural in the landscape. His aims where not to focus on perspective qualities such as horizon lines, but to focus on the forms in question. By focusing on the forms and line, he is simplifying the traditional design of landscape, aiming to talk about the break down of visual elements that make up landscape in architectural design in the terms of abstraction.

With his recent works relating to the woodland Kennel Vale, Trystan has focused on looking close at how organic forms grow on man made forms. He has decided to randomly splatter the paint on the paper or canvas, this action mimicking the random natural growth of the moss and lichen.

“I focused on the rock formations and decided to free up the marks of paint. The splatters of the lichen and moss that were on the walls and granite rocks, were almost gestures of paint themselves.”


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