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Steve Hazael
( Australia )



Steve Hazael

Living in Murrumbateman, New South Wales Australia I have access to places the rest of the world dreams about.

There is simply no other land on the planet like Australia!

I love abstract photography, particularly with motion and texture. It dovetails nicely into my obsession with time & space... knowing where I am and seeking new places to visit. The Australian landscape offers me limitless scope for my obsession! The content of my photography was created in the camera at the moment of exposure. Being a little impatient with digital editing tools, I avoid "painting" with the mouse. The camera is my brush. These works are not digital art.

Trained in photography at Nepean TAFE


Insight, Sydney 2005

Art Sydney 2009

Art Melbourne 2010

Yass Arts 2010 2011

Schonegg, Murrumbateman 2010 2011

Apart from my view and feelings when creating these images, they say what you want to hear... each of us has our own unique experience when viewing art. Its all about how it makes you feel! Enjoy!


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