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Silvia Casilli
( Italy )

Painting; Photography; Print


Silvia Casilli

Born in Legnago, near Verona in 1963, she lives near Brescia from 1989.

She took a BA in Foreign Languages and Literature at Verona’s State University. Here she attended the lessons of Roberto Sanesi, visual poetry artis and official translator of  T.S. Eliot.

She taught English for Artistic Communication at L.A.B.A. Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia from 2002 to 2008. She is one of the founders of a Cultural Association (Amici della L.A.B.A.) which develops various activities in order to promote an approach to art on various levels.

After having attended various drawing courses held by the artist Rinaldo Turati - from 1997 to 1999 - she enrolled in the evening free course of painting at LABA Academy (2000). She finally enrolled in the regular courses of painting and visual arts at the L.A.B.A. academy under the direction of Rinaldo Turati (2001 – 2005). She took a BA magna cum laude in painting in 2007 presenting a dissertation about Abstract Lyricism in Painting and The Sense of Poetry.

She recently left her academic teaching in order to dedicate more constantly to her artistic research and to activities of education and promotion connected to the art field. She organized didactic labs of contemporary art for children at Nadro’s Museum (the museum connected to the Park of the Rock Engravings in Valle Camonica). She also held theoretical lessons about some artists and practical ones about pictorial techniques in various schools. She assisted dr. Enrico Napoli in the realization of a series of conferences about some Italian Renaissance Artists (2008).

In Summer 2008 she took part to a project proposed by the Cultural Association Amici della LABA - Contemporary Art in the UNESCO Human Heritage. The project consisted in a two weeks workshop to which students from different Academies had been invited to work and live together in Valle Camonica (Ceto). To this pilot edition had been invited students from an Italian and a German Academies.

She wrote the presentation to the poetry volume (Latcho Drom) by Enrico Napoli, published at Verona in April 2009 from Buonaccorso Edition.

She currently works in the didactic department of BresciaMusei

She lives and works near Brescia.


  • November 2009 – May 2010 One-man Exibition at OneMothel Hotel, San Paolo (Brescia)
  • December 13th 2009 – January 6th 2010 senzatitolo Collective Exhibition of the artistic group VENTICIRCA, Overseas Gallery, via Carini, Brescia
  • 3-17 December 2009 International Art Exhibition Friendship Through Art, Old French Knight’s Quarter, Rhodes (Greece), Collective exhibition organized by Center of Arts Four Seasons - Athens.
  • June 2009 – October 2009 ‘venticirca’ Collective Exhibitions in Continuous Movement, spazio Hvox, via Pace 15, Brescia. The experience comprehended a series of exhibitions among which there are:
  • July 9th (s)formato, 20 x 20 cm works.(sformato, series of 25 paintings)
  • July 16th Fatto/letto, realization of art books. (series of visual poetries on various poetic texts).
  • July 30th c’era una s:volta, exhibition on the theme of games and fairy tales. (5 digital informal photos associated with 5 lyrics by di Enrico Napoli.
  • August 27th rovinati, works on the theme of changement in towns. (three digital photos of the series Graffiti Lights)
  • September 10th TANDEM. Four hand works.(Tandem with Camilla Rossi)
  • December 2008 One-man Exhibition at ‘I Girasoli’ Bar - Via Musei – Brescia , (paintings realized in the last year)
  • October 2007 One-man Exhibition during La Forma del Gusto - series of art exhibitions put on in various wineries associated with Profumi di Mosto – Garda Lake
  • June – July 2007 One-man Exhibition, Arcobaleno Restaurant, Brescia
  • May 2007 “Non solo vino” Collective Exhibition, Peri-Bigogno Winery, Castenedolo (Brescia)
  • May 2006 “L’incisione come segno dell’uomo”, Spazio espositivo comunale, Castelmella (Collective Exibition of calcographic and xilographic prints)
  • April 25th 2003 “Arte per la libertà”, Galleria Spazio Arte Lupier, Gardone Val Trompia (Collective Exhibition)


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