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Piotr Smogór
( Poland )

Mixed Media; Painting; Photography


Piotr Smogór

Peter Smogór (pio) - born. 01/02/1975, in Zabkowice Slaskie. The adventure began with painting classes in artistic studies Kłodzko. He worked as a performer in the gallery  Cultural Centre Kłodzko. In the study of philosophy at University of Wroclaw participated in the lessons of the National Centers for E. Geppert Artistic them in Wroclaw. The resulting works are the color compositions of still life, studio drawings and color decomposition of the surrounding reality. At the author's account is several group exhibitions. In August 2010 he had his first solo exhibition titled Stories of the unknown.
He works as a graphic designer / webmaster in Wroclaw release. He is an acrylic painting, monotype, linocut, film, animation and computer graphics. He paints primarily figurative compositions subdued in favor hidden symbolism, sometimes with elements of modern programming languages​​, or using keywords. Interested in the problem of penetration of the layers of perception, planning and transferring it to the media arts. Trying to combine the techniques used in computer graphics with painting.
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