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Nadide Gurcuoglu
( Turkey )



Nadide Gurcuoglu

She was born in Ankara in 1961.She graduated from Hacettepe University in 1983. Artist continues her art stduies at her workshop in Ankara.
Some of her works are published as cards by TEMA. She has staged 17 personal exhibitions. She joined more than 30 mixed exhibitions and five of them is abroad. She has 3 personal catalogs. She has a website www.nadidegurcuoglu.com that is located in lebriz.com. She is a member of Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques.
2002, SSK Art Gallery, Ankara
2003, Vakıfbank Foyer, Ankara
2003, MNG(Ankara City Club Art Gallery), Ankara
2004, Gallery Hera, Ankara
2005, Karlıkevi Hotel Art Gallery, Nevşehir
2005, Ege Art Fair, İzmir
2006, Ankart Art Fair, Ankara
2006, Tüyap Artist Art Fair, Ankara
2007, Ankart Art Fair, Ankara
2007, Eflatun Gallery, Antalya
2007, Tüyap Artist Art Fair, Ankara
2007, Online Studio Exhibition (at www.lebriz.com two times in 2007)
2008, TerasPark Art Gallery, Denizli
2008, Sanko Art Gallery, Gaziantep
2008, 4.ArtForum Ankara Art Fair,Ankara
2009,Gorsel Art Gallery,Mersin
2009,State Art Gallery,Balıkesir
2009,Cihangir Art Gallery,İstanbul
2005, Le Centure Culturel Anatolie, Paris
2006, Unesco, Paris
2006, Le Centre Culturel Anatolie, Paris
2007, President Hotel, Athens
2007, Cosmos Hotel, Moscow
2009, World Art Expo 09,California,USA
2000, Contemporary Arts Gallery, Ankara
2002, 1.Antalya Painting Festival, Antalya
2002, Hazine Art Gallery, Ankara
2003, 2.Antalya Painting Festival, Antalya
2003, Treasury art Gallery,Ankara
2003, Informatics 03 Exhibition İTO, İstanbul
2004, Hera Art Gallery, Ankara
2005, Contemporary Arts Gallery, Ankara
2006, Hapimag Resort Sea Garden Art Gallery, Bodrum
2006, 5th Rotary “At the Peak With Disabled Children” Activity, Adıyaman (with Live Performance)
2006, Valor Art Gallery, Ankara
2006, Intes Gallery, Ankara
2007, 6th Rotary “At the Peak With Disabled Children” Activity, Adıyaman (with Live Performance)
2007, Aladoğan art Gallery, İstanbul
2007, In memoriam of Rahmi Pehlivanlı, Kırıkkale
2007, Abra Art Gallery, İstanbul
2007, Sev-Art Art Gallery, İstanbul
2007, Medya Art Gallery, Ankara
2007, Live Performance at Armada Mall, Ankara
2008, Live Performance at TerasPark Mall, Denizli
2008, Live Performance at Panora Mall, Ankara
2008, Abra Art Gallery, İstanbul
2008, Fırça Art Gallery, Ankara
2008, 7th Rotary “At the Peak With Disabled Children” Activity, Adıyaman (with Live Performance)
2008,Çekirdek Art Gallery,İstanbul
2008, Eflatun Gallery,Kaş-Antalya


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Nadide Gurcuoglu
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