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Eliane Loeffler
( Switzerland )

Drawing; Painting


Eliane Loeffler

Born in Alexandria, Egypt,
she studied painting,
since she was 18,
within "L'Atelier" artistic centre : of Alexandria.
Under the guidance of Aristomeni Angelopoulos and Enrico Brandani, she mastered the various techniques of drawing, watercolour, gouache, oil painting and decoration.

In Geneva : 1984 Gallery Bernard Letu
1991 Gallery OPERA
1996 Gallery André Buchs
2006 Gallery du Tir
In Paris : 1995 Gallery Delvaille

Her pen and ink drawings of Geneva monuments have been edited as post-cards.

Specialised in portrait painting, she was commissioned by a Paris company to paint The portraits of members of their board of directors. She also made portraits of various well known personalities such as : Marta Argerich, Jean-Marie Blanchard, Crista de Carouge, Jean Starobinski, Jeffrey Tate, Robert Tear and Mitsouko Ushida.
Visitors are welcome in her studio at 1,rue des Granges 1204 Geneva.


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