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Han Stuster
( Norway )



Han Stuster

With brush and knife I realise my fantasy and everything which influenced my live.
My feelings are clearly visible on the canvas. Sometimes tender , sometimes in a wild expression.
It is the “moment between” which I desire, the moment of hope, love and fear.
It is hanging between us, that’s one of my driving forces
The “moment between” I strive to capture: the self interpreted moment where fantasy, fiction , the fairy-tale of my live and reality flow together in a colourful expression.



I am born in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and still have the Dutch nationality. In 2001 I moved to Norway, my wife is Norwegian.. I live in Ottestad a small village in the south east of Norway. I work in the city of Hamar. Here I rent an atelier in the Culture building.
I worked and did get my inspiration from many countries, my work is sold in Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Egypt, Lebanon, Canada and Finland

Memberships :

NBK (association of Norwegian professional visual-art artists)
BKH (BilledKunstnereHedmark))


Art Academy Ricourt - 5 years


I use acryl and oil, and egg tempera, egg tempera I compose myself , it is a wonderful medium. With knife and brush and the use of other materials like sand and paste I create my works.


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Han Stuster
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