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Martin Bezzina Wettinger
( Malta )

Painting; Photography; Sculpture


Martin Bezzina Wettinger


Mr.Bezzina Wettinger obtained his diploma in fine arts from the Malta School of Art in September 2006. By profession Martin is a qualified teacher of Mathematics and Physics and has obtained his B.ed degree in 1993. He feels that he teaches Mathematics in a different way mainly by helping his students develop a structure of knowledge that is organic in nature. Though he understands the necessity of being able to focus on a specific area of a situation he likes to consider the gestalt. (For a deeper discussion of this issue move to the page "Using the Language of Art to express my feelings and ideas on education"). He has been giving private tuition in Pure and Applied Mathematics up to advanced level for a number of years.

Martin openes his atellier,'Il - Bottegin ta' San Martin' in the heart of Valletta, the capital city of Malta, midway along Old Bakery street (at 185A). in May 2006.

The art studio features a large number of paintings and sculptures, most of which are produced by Martin Bezzina Wettinger himself. However, he also inports a number of wooden statues from northern Italy. On display one will also find paintings made by some of his freinds, namely, Gilbert Fenech, Astrid Zammit, Mary Rose Gauci, Dominc Dimech and Brigida Sammut. At the studio one may also find a wide selection of carving tools including Pfeil Swiss wood carving tools, Italian stone carving tools and rifflers and some modelling tools.

Discovering his Artistic Talents

Though Martin enjoyed art lessons at school he was introduced into drawing and painting from observation almost by coincedence after he obtained his A-levels(1985). It was the time when only a hundred students entered university and he was practically forced to make a few more Ordinary levels. As he hated studying by heart he chose five subjects that involved more reasoning among which was Art. He remembers these first fascinating experiences of working from direct observation. He felt as if he had opened his eyes for the first time. Unfortunately on entering university Martin's artistic development came to a brisk halt, because of his studies.

In 1992, he met Michelle whom he married in 1994. George, Michelle's father happened to be a retired carpenter and together they constructed most of their furniture. One day (1998) Martin found George carving a simple flower to decorate a piece of furniture. On returning home Martin found a piece of wood and began to carve a little fish. From then on Martin never stopped carving. The next year he decided to attend a wood carving course at the school of art, however Mr. Qasha who was the headmaster at the time suggested to Martin to develop his drawing skills first. After doing his foundation course Martin proceeded to do his Diploma in Fine arts.

In April 2007, Martin organized his first solo art exhibition entitled ‘Using the Language of Art’ at the Malta Society of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce, Palazzo De La Salle, 219, Republic street Valletta. Later in the same year, he obtained a special distinction prize in sculpture at the 2007 Malta International Art Biennale. In 2008 he organised a large collective art exhibition in an old character house adjacent to his studio.

For more information visit the website www.freewebs.com/ilbottegintasanmartin


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