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andré Bielen
( Belgium )



andré Bielen

André Bielen was born on July 22, 1956 in Liege (Belgium) The needs for the life launch it very young person in the world of work, frustrating it of its desire, not to say its need to draw, to paint already…. For a long time, it will paint in a figurative style, without another objective to be created leisures, of spaces of freedom and joy, in the middle of its professional obligations. Then, one day at a meeting with a painter of talent, it enters the world abstraction. “To dare to paint an emotion, an impulse, an impression, in a very egoistic way, then to meet five, ten, twenty people who interpret work, according to their own interior advance, that at summer for me a “revelation”….I included/understood and become aware that a painting could live, evolve/move, or even “die,” as well for the painter for the spectator ..... Impose yourself the strange triangle then: (the painter - the work - the spectator) where imagination is stronger than the knowledge (A.Einstein), and, if the same emotion joined together, passion settles!!! …. During a time, the painter with used geometrical forms, reassuring reference marks and guards “a prudish way to use the color” says it. Then, finally, it is let go, it does not lock up more the colors in objects and spaces defined, it tends to their fusion, and it launches out in the search of the light, to reach one “elsewhere”, one “beyond”…. Can one travel with painting? Is a part of the puzzle of its imaginary? It is become, for him, an obsessing urgency: “it can all give or all to refuse”.


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