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barbara greene, mann, greene mann
( Canada )

Digital Art; Drawing; Mixed Media; Multimedia; Painting; Photography; Print


barbara greene, mann, greene mann

Barbara Greene Mann
512-1775 Eglintin ave.w.. yoronto m6e4z9
My Goal is to sustain my life as a working artist
Education Master of Fine Arts, Wayne State University, Detroit , MI
Art for Commuters, TTC, upcoming 2011
Culture Inside, Exhibition in Luxembourg, 2010
12” x 12” at AWOL, 2009
Benefit auction, United Way, Cancer Association, at
St. Josephs House, 2010, 2011
Performance Art
Poetry performance, Gallery 1313
Musical Performance, Solo and group vocals , Theatre Piece Workman Arts, 2011
Calgary Film Festival, Cans as Coffins, 8mm, 2009
Parkside Film Festival, Cans as Coffins, 8mm, 2008
Rendez- View with Madness,2008, Our Little Nest, 8mm, 2009
You Got Me, 8mm 2009


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