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cecilia jadfjorden
( Sweden )

Painting; Photography; Print; Sculpture


cecilia jadfjorden

Hello and Welcome!
I'm struggling artist, I paint my paintings in oil on linen often with stretchers and kind of paper that I can paint oil paintings on which I frame itself. I paint every day 4-14 hours a day, it can vary depending on how much other stuff I need to organize around me.
I own a horse and two cats that give me happiness in life which I now live in. I went to art school in 2.5 years it was the happy days when I was painting and creating video art, aminerad movies, making sculptures, I has also done various works of art paper, now I'll keep the course in two days and weeks to hjäpa with others to create their own art and they can not draw, I teach them that there are other means to create art.

During the last days before I was offered to the exhibition contest EUtopia in Luxembourg, I had lost the desire to live, but I must thank for CultureInside turned my thoughts to continue to fight, sometimes it feels like I am fighting for nothing. Despite all the setbacks, but money hungry fatigue, so I struggle on with my paintings, and my dreams to give me the night. happy life.

And many of my pictures are painted from my own imagination, sometimes from my dreams. Sometimes I watch TV and see the nice pictures can I paint them from my memory.

My Exhibitions
Palette Art School.  Konstsolan Paletten Stockholm        2005
Palette Art School Konstskolan Paletten Stockholm        2006
Palette Art School Konstskolan Paletten Stockholm        2007
Nonprofit theater backdrop theme, however, Romer cultural history walk. Stockholm                                                                                2007 April-October.
Self exhibition in my studio Långshyttan                            2007
Långshyttan local former gas station in                             2008

Vasa Kyrkan Hedemora                                                       2009
Personal exhibition in my studio Långshyttan                  2009                                       

Dizon von Schultz Art Gallery Hedemora                            2010
Berit's Kitchen Art Gallery  Avesta                                        2010


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