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Maria Kjartansdottir
( Iceland )

Drawing; Installation; Mixed Media; Multimedia; Photography


Maria Kjartansdottir

María Kjartansdóttir icelandic “As much an explorer as photographer, Maria’s fascination and obsession with life cycles ° and events, across cultures, dominate the subject matter of her pieces and drives her to visit often remote and unusual locations. The results are bewitching insights and stories that present the viewer with a captivating sense of discovery, honesty and empathy for her subjects.” Maria ́s recent exhibitions include: “Shared future” Empire Gallery London, “Cold Horizons” Museum de Nervi, Italy, Berlin New Live festival, Berlin, New York. Arken Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen and Further More, Tramway, Glasgow. 29 year old Maria graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2007 with a M.F.A. She lives and works in London and Reykjavik. www.mariak.co.uk


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