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Jinks Kunst
( France )

Mixed Media; Painting


Jinks Kunst

Born in Helvetia in 1976, I do drawings and paintings as everybody since kindergarden. My grand-father was an art ceramist and he won the Best Worker award in France. He inspired me a lot in this field but unfortunately, he would have only seen my teenager frenzy paintings. I started to like rap music in 1987/88 and in the early 90's, and graffiti with cover albums like «Chromatique» from ‘Sens Unik' done by Lazoo from M.A.C.. But I didn't rush into it, I waited 2003 to really use a spray. Jinks is an alias I didn't chose at random. It sounds pretty well and fits me. I started to paint on my own and then with graffiti artists from Nantes... nothing but real good time. I spent a lot of time taking pictures of all Nantes' graffitis. In 2004, I created the first website about Nantes' graffiti "T.A.N.K.". On December 2008, it reached the million of visitors. "T.A.N.K." means in French "All Artists from Nantes Included". It shows to Internet users the level of Nantes' graffitis. In 2005, I created the fanzine ‘Apocalypse Nantes' with other hip-hop activits (Antoine, Julien, François...). We published 4 issues and then we stopped in order to focus on our own projects. A hundred graffitis later... In 2007, I discovered Jef Aérosol and Logan Hicks, two great stencil artists. It has been the trigger right away. I began with small and easy stencils on some of our graffitis. In June 2007, I've made a few paintings portraying figures we all know (Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Mandela, Andy Warhol, Rita Mitsouko, Grâce Kelly...), then I made some Nantes artists (DJ Atom, Hocus Pocus, Dajla, Djay...). From that time, I can't go without it ! It's an absolute virus I can't heal ! Fortunately, there's no pain ! Just real pleasure ! At ease with different techniques (spray painting and acrylic painting using brushes) and varied types of bases (wall, metal, canvas, paper) my work comes from the street. It combines graffiti writing with a stencil technique close to Jef Aérosol, Banksy or Blek le Rat, who have started to work with stencils in the 80s. My paintings approaches varied topics such as politic, racism, music or hip-hop culture.


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