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Belle Shafir
( Israel )

Drawing; Installation; Mixed Media; Multimedia; Sculpture


Belle Shafir

1953 Born in Germany. 1972 Emigrated to Israel.1984-88 Studied at the Avni Institute of Art, Tel-Aviv.

Selected Solo exhibitions:

2007 -“Eugenics”, Municipality Gallery, Ra'anana, Israel.
2006 -“Insitu”, Artists' House, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
2005 -“Close-up”, Artist's house, Herzlya, Israel.
2003 -“Venus verspinnt”, Gallery im b.i.b., Hannover, Germany.
2002 -“Portraitscriptum”, Sara Erman Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
-“The Path between a Maze, Sexual lust and Altar”, Seamgallery, Megadim, Israel
1998 -“Lapillus”, Many H. Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
1997 -“Circle of consciousness”, The Constant Sculpture Gallery, Ramat-Gan, Israel.
1995 -“Naturalis”, Artists’ House, Jerusalem, Israel.
1994 -“For the tree of the Field is Man’s Life”, Petach-Tikva Museum, Israel.
-Galerie Maya Wildewuur, Hochhalen, Holland.
1992 -Sarah Erman Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Selected Group exhibitions:

2007 -“Simanashi”, Artist's house, Herzlya, Israel.
2005 -“Red”, Municipality Gallery, Kfar-Saba, Israel.
2004 -“Moz – Muse II”, Gallery “526”, Lodz, Poland.
2003 -“Displaced Self”, Installation, Sakshi Gallery, Bombay, India.
2002 -“Ambivalenzen”, Frauen Museum, Bonn, Germany.
-“Imaginaire féminin”, OPEN2002, Venice Lido, Italy.
2001 -“The Mundane Muse”, Arad Museum, Arad; Janco-Dada Museum, Ein Hod; Rehovot Municipal Art Gallery, Rehovot, Israel.
-“Verfügungsgrün” Hochbunker, Köln, Germany.
1999 -“Earth”, Um el Fachem Gallery, Galilee, Israel.
-“Discourse”, Static Gallery, Liverpool, England.
-“Wir borgen uns ein Museum”, Das verborgene Museum, Berlin, Germany.
1998 -“The Garden-A Metaphor”, The University Botanical Gardens, Jerusalem, Israel.
-“50 Anos Israel”, Galeria d’Art Zero, Barcelona, Spain.
-“Storytime”, Candid Gallery, London, and Static Gallery, Liverpool, England, Artist's House, Jerusalem
and Nazareth, Israel.
1997 -“60 Years of the Blue Square”, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
1993 -“Sculpture in the Little Forest”, Ra'anana, Israel.

Selected Projects:

2004 -Visiting Artist, University of Wollongong, Australia.
2002 -“Temple del l'Amore”, Arte Sella, Borgo Vasulgana, Italy.
2000 -“Cyfuniad 2001”, International Workshop with Residence, Liverpool and Plas Caerdeon, Wales, England.
1999 -“The place where Art and Ecology meet”, Britanni Forest, Jerusalem, Israel.
-“Naked Venus” Site Specific Sculpture, Akerby Sculpturepark, Nora, Sweeden.
-“Love Temple”, Khoj, India.
1997 -International Artists Symposium, Wiesbaden, Germany.
1996 -International Sculpture Project, Göerlitz, Germany.
1994 -“The Seer's Well”, Site Specific Sculpture: The Grizedale Forest, Lake District, England.


2005 -Video documentation from "PvR videostudios", Kfar-Saba, Israel, film operator: Peretz (Frank) van Ralte, for the Gabriel Sherover Information Center for Israeli Art, video No. 446, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel.


2005 -Special price of the World Calligraphy Biennale of Jallabuk-do,5th., South Korea.

email: belle@inter.net.il


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Belle Shafir