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EUtopia Exhibition in cooperation with

Exhibition: JULY 28 - SEPTEMBER 15 2010          
Regular exhibition opening hours 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
The CCRN is located at 28, rue Münster - L 2160 Luxembourg. 
Tél.: (+352) 26 20 52 1       
Read about the CCRN        (see map)

EUtopia received the label "2010 European Year for combatting Poverty and Social Exclusion" for Luxembourg



Title   Michel MICHAUX
Artist   EUtopia Collection
Serie  Surréalités
Original size  60 x 80 cm

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code EU31 - Title : St. Tior bénissant le départ d'Olivier de K.S.S. - Artist: Michel Michaux, France. Peinture sur bois


Winning Artists (images selected by the Jury)

nissim ben aderet (Israel)
Aiste Benmeziane (France)
claire chalet (France)
Peter Ciccariello (United States)
Constantine Cionca (United States)
sari doveh (Israel)
brocate elsa (Spain)
Laurence FALCETTA (Luxembourg)
Rolf Flatmo (Norway)
barbara greene mann (Canada)
Nick Katkov (Russia)
Bernard MARICAU (France)
Adam Martinakis (Greece)
Michel MICHAUX (France)
Léo Novoro (France)
Margot Reding Schroeder (Luxembourg)
Nicolas Sansonnet (Luxembourg)
Serge Strelnikoff (Ukraine)
Olessia Stroeva (Russia)
igor vaganov (Russia)
Patricia van Lubeck (New Zealand)

CULTUREINSIDE congratulates all participants to the high number of creative works submitted to the competition EUtopia. Jury and CI team is very impressed by your entries, by specific conceptual ideas and the efforts undertaken to create new works in the context of EUtopia. We thank you all for your high interest and efforts. 

Winning Videos 

Aïda Schweitzer ( Luxembourg )

Hyeyoung yun ( France )

Winning Sculptors

Aine Scannell ( United Kingdom )

LIS PRUSSEN ( Luxembourg )


Winning Performance & Process Art

Volker Schütz, Germany

Public Prize Winner
Rolf Flatmo (Norway)

Curatorial committee

  1. Jef Bourgeau, artistic director of the MONA - Museum of New Art Detroit, USA
  2. Gila Paris, artist and curator, Luxembourg
  3. Cristina Lopez, Chair of C-EYE artist connection, Luxembourg
  4. Joe Rabie, photographer et mulitmedia expert, Paris, France
  5. Frank Shifreen, artist, teacher, curateur, New York City, USA