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Martine Alison
( France )


Martine Alison


Colorful and imaginative describe both the art and the artist. The paintings are as unique as she is. Martine-Alison’s work is an autobiography written in paint. She pours her soul out onto the canvas with a direct reflection of her life on the day she paints it. With “petite femmes” (little ladies) she brings to life the sensuality and mystery of a woman. Nestled in a created world that resembles reality, her realistic beauties both contrast and fit harmoniously in the imaginative settings.

French artist, Martine-Alison was born in Saint-Etienne. She paints from her studio, which she’s aptly named her “dollhouse”, in L’Etrat. With thin washes on fine canvas, her paints build in layers with such delicateness that hardly a brushstroke is evident. This softness, filled with light, draws the viewer to her emotional figures. The attitudes of her women are piercing and suggest a complete contrast to the beauty of her imaginary landscapes. Alison’s creativeness enables her to design the fabulous clothes she dresses her ladies in. In such intricate detail, through folds and ripples, her fabrics sing with beauty as they reflect the gifts of a clothes designer.

Her canvases dancing with bright playful colors contain a certain vibrating energy that brings her characters to life. Martine-Alison’s oils beg to be viewed up-close. She instills numerous wonderful details for her viewers to explore. Fine hair-like strokes used for details with such precision, make’s one only wonder how Alison achieves this with a brush. Her remarkable accuracy and steady hand make this possible.

Raised by a family who refused to support her art talents, which were surprisingly evident by the age of 4, Alison was forced to teach herself. Turning adversity into opportunity, this accounts for the uniqueness of her style, which flourished from within. She has had a hard life and art has brought her an escape from her difficult realities. Through her art she transports us along with herself to a world of her dreams where she is in control of the outcome. Sweet, silly, sensual, fragile and delicate, the qualities of the artist, are the qualities found on her canvases.

Martine-Alison exhibits regularly and successfully all over France with a particular emphasis on Gassin located in the south of France near Saint-Tropez. She has many collectors that follow her religiously. Her buyers range from much of Europe to the US. She has also exhibited in Paris at the reputable Galerie Francis Barlier.


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