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Mario Faustino
( Germany )

Mischtechnik; Multimedia; Malerei; Fotografie


Mario Faustino

Statement (Philosophy) for rooted

To be rooted, one has got to have both feet set to the ground and socially integrated in his society (family friends and colleagues), in which he can freely move in his pursuit of a better life enlight-enment and happiness. Artists are common per-sons and are no exception.
An artist is rooted when he is able to read signs, is aware and sensible to human needs of his time, and contributes to preserve our good universal values providing their continuity or lend them occasional improvement by exposing to reflexion with what he can do best – creating.


Comments received

  • superbe
    collakate - 04.06.2010 01:24:19

  • Hello Mario, great work!

    Nwaada - 14.05.2010 19:52:18

  • Happy to find your beautiful compositions and your brilliant colors on this site, bravo
    artbea - 22.03.2010 16:05:40

  • I like citoyen du monde ! citizen of the world !
    MISSNADIA - 20.03.2010 13:19:58

  • bonsoir MARIO, good ! amitiés
    menard42 - 30.01.2010 21:49:34

  • félicitation abentot
    collakate - 27.09.2009 01:22:15

  • magnifique composition
    collakate - 26.09.2009 02:29:52

  • Hello Mario,thanks for your sharing.I liked your works.
    Nilgun - 23.09.2009 12:39:37

  • vaya, una obra inquietante, enhorabuena

    mfmancera - 10.08.2009 13:55:15

  • Hola Mario, Thank you for your comment. I like so much this mixed media. Suerte con tu exposición !!
    joanku - 10.08.2009 00:02:30

Comments sent

  • j'aime beaucoup tes marines! Amitiés, mjf
    mjfaustino - 20.03.2010 16:01:47

  • Merci collakate, ton travail est magnifique! Je me décide pour la composition "désire"... À Bientôt! mjf
    mjfaustino - 26.09.2009 02:47:33

  • Oi Manuel, obrigado! A mim também me encatam as tuas pinturas! Saludos, mjf
    mjfaustino - 10.08.2009 14:45:55

  • Hello Jakuesta,

    Thank you too! And about the card com la palomba it was just a gesture - con tantos amigos que temos e nâo podemos valer a todos... :- ) por vezes é bom receber uma boa surpresa, eu também recebi assim um e lembrei-me de o enviar ao maior número possível de amigos!

    Tens tantas pinturas e lindas; nâo há favoritas... todas esta também me agrada! Felicidades Kuesta, mjf
    mjfaustino - 10.08.2009 13:38:12

  • An heart headed person?... I like it very much! mjf
    mjfaustino - 10.08.2009 13:30:46

  • Hello Jakuesta, How are you? Thank you! It is in a very nice Café in Munich; I'm sure You'd love the light there... there's a cupola and the light changes every hour like in a museum...

    I was impressed by this "Egipto" series... Very strong in did!

    Um abraco, Kuesta, e obrigado! mjf
    mjfaustino - 06.08.2009 09:17:00

  • I'd say more, belle composition et trés intéressant! Merci! ,mjf
    mjfaustino - 15.07.2009 23:46:09

  • Beautiful! Best wishes, mjf
    mjfaustino - 11.07.2009 20:13:52

  • Hello Daniel, Beautiful Art of yours! Welcome to c.i. have a good time! Regards, mjf
    mjfaustino - 28.06.2009 07:25:51

  • Hello George,

    Congratulations! You deserve it! A lot of work, beautiful Art! All the best! mjf
    mjfaustino - 10.06.2009 22:19:20


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