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Ksenia Milicevic
( France )

Mischtechnik; Malerei


Ksenia Milicevic

Painter, architect and town planer,Ksenia Milicevic exposes since 1970. Individual and collective exhibitions in Argentina, Spain, France, Canada, Mexico, Portugal, Germany, England, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Norwey, Luxembourg, Ecuador, Brazil.

Commander of the Star of Europe for the Art

Beings and things wich Ksenia Milicevic paints are very normal. What is less, however, it is the funny gap of the game of the perspectives, the mixture of multiple scenes treated on the same painting, in different scales, and on plans wich penetrate or ignre each other according to crazy registries. The rationalism does not calcify her imagination. 

                                                      Pierre Wauters


Comments received

  • Beautiful and evocative work !!
    joanku - 16.05.2010 01:29:42

  • thanks a lot for your comments...soon i will post more works of mine...i like your works..so full of mistery..sorry for my bad english
    daniburnar - 28.06.2009 19:44:03

  • Hello Ksenia,
    If you have time have a look at "Dani Burnar" i met this young man here on Ibiza a few years ago, i lke his work, and i feel that he can go further, let him have a comment from you, i am sure he would like your opinion, Greetings from a very hot Ibiza, Regards Chris
    thenoop - 28.06.2009 12:23:29

  • Hello Ksenia, Are you in the rooted contest??Best wishes
    thenoop - 02.06.2009 16:00:26

  • hello Ksenia, just a note to keep in touch, i hope all is well with you, at least the weather is improving here, it makes you feel better, i have selected another painting for my light box, soon i will have them all, best regards, chris
    thenoop - 17.05.2009 13:29:08

  • hello ksenia, have you looked at "artmajeur??
    thenoop - 09.04.2009 13:23:02

  • what wonderful work you are showing on saatchi, ive mentioned the blue before, now im lost in a wonderland of imagination and mystery,
    thenoop - 03.04.2009 22:59:44

Comments sent

  • Gracias por el comentario sobre mi obra. Le felicito por su trabajo, sobre todo por la estructura bien definida. Cordialmente Ksenia Milicevic
    kseniamilicevic - 17.05.2010 14:18:41

  • The composition of your work is excellent. Bast regards Ksenia Milicevic
    kseniamilicevic - 21.09.2009 14:10:29

  • Hello Daniel,
    Chris recommended you and hi is right, your sense of rhythm, composition and colour is excellent. Best regards. Ksenia
    kseniamilicevic - 28.06.2009 12:50:27

  • L'oeil se pose sur votre tableau et reste là, sans avoir envie de le quitter.
    kseniamilicevic - 03.06.2009 15:29:35

  • Rythme, colour, composition, equilibrium,... Perfect
    kseniamilicevic - 03.06.2009 10:49:41

  • Strong, creative,well composed, perfect equilibrium.
    kseniamilicevic - 03.06.2009 10:46:02

  • Excellent traitement d'espace.
    kseniamilicevic - 20.04.2009 14:19:49

  • Good work. Ksenia Milicevic
    kseniamilicevic - 31.03.2009 13:14:28


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