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Juan Jose Bravo
( Spain )

Design; Skulptur


Juan Jose Bravo

"I am interested in the processes of change that human beings generate. How do men affect their environment, the world where they live and how they transform nature. Overall, human being constitutes the axis of my work. To make my sculptures, I use all the techniques at my disposal: construction, assemblage, digital sculpture, photography and I would also like to make video and installation. In my creations, materials and their combination speak for themselves. I don't mean to express specific ideas but they might reveal through symbolic shapes.   Human beings are transformed into landscapes or landscapes into human beings in a game where the objects’ poetry plays a significant role. I work with recycled materials and with elements found in nature. My intent would be to make a sustainable sculpture whenever possible. Sand, stones , plants, glass combined with photography and plexiglass, are the materials used in my latest pieces."


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