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Arne Rasmussen
( Denmark )

Digitalkunst; Fotografie


Arne Rasmussen

Arne Rasmussen a German art photographer,living in Denmark since 1984 - was born 1962 in Flensburg, Germany and got his breakthrough as an art photographer at "Den Frie" exhibition hall, Copenhagen. 1995. Represented at Muset For Fotokunst, Odense (DK) and Danmarks Fotomuseum, Herning (DK).

Latest international exhibition:

"Little Treasures", Bologna Italy,  November 2017. Curated by Paola Trevisian.

Comming internation exhibition:

4-15 November: Ateneo de Madrid, 4 -15 November, 2018, Madrid, spain,  Curated by Paola Trevisian.

From represented reality to independent image

"If a hen was to paint, it would do so by shedding its feathers", says the French psycho-analysist Jaques Lacan. Similarly, a photograph paints with the very same reality it records, that is, the things themselves. When a photograph "paints" it sheds reality like the hen sheds its feathers. The photographic image that emerges is, in other words, a transgression of the recorded reality.

This is the basic condition Arne Rasmussen's photographic work is founded on, namely that "photography is painting with reality exactly by shedding reality itself". The aesthetic function of the photographic image makes reality the horizontal background of the image.

Jens Terp MA (Philosophy)


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