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EUtopia Exhibition in cooperation with

Exhibition: JULY 28 - SEPTEMBER 15 2010          
Regular exhibition opening hours 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.The CCRN is located at 28, rue Münster - L 2160 Luxembourg. 
Tél.: (+352) 26 20 52 1       Read about the CCRN            (see map)


EUTOPIA - Artistic visions of Europe

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The artists in this exhibition and their works support the European Year 2010 For Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion. Art can be a lens to focus attention, express emotion, and construct ideas. The chosen works of this show can join the conversation on these critical issues. Artists can shed light on these complex problems and controversy using our tools, style, media, beauty, metaphor and truth.

Artists are invited to offer utopian visions not tied to ideology or accepted knowledge, thus disrupting the chain that limits our ability to envision and create a brighter future.

Art depicts dreams, visions, utopias that do not need to be justified. Creative thinking can make the familiar strange, the strange familiar, offer unique perspectives and landscapes. EUtopia can exist. CULTUREINSIDE wants to raise with your input greater awareness of the existing poverty in Europe. Our artistic visions of Europe can show solutions and encourage.


The organisators ask to submitted theme related art..The curators will review up to 8 images from artists applying to participate. Sculptors can participate for free (to submit sculptures, please ask for free access by mail),  the winning sculptures will be integrated in the virtual show and the book. Artists can also send videos. Winning videos will be shown during the exhibition. Up to 40 winning works will be selected plus videos and sculptures.

The organizers want to encourage art and new art creation. Therefore galleries already submitted to former CULTUREINSIDE contests will not be accepted in the competition.

Our partner for the real brick and mortar exhibition is the Centre Culturel de Rencontres Abbaye de Neumünster. The Abbaye is one of Luxembourg's historic areas on the list of Unesco’s world heritages, today a prestigious exhibition space in Luxembourg-city.

Awards include: exhibition participation in the historic Abbaye de Neumünster.  40 winning entries will be selected for physical exhibition from July 28 - September 15, 2010. Major  Online promotion and publicity in newspaper and magazines. Major marketing for the complete show, integration of the show in the special Cultureinside page of Featured shows. CULTUREINSIDE produces a book about the event in which each winning artist will be presented. The winning works will also be presented in the online show. A printed catalog will be produced for the show. 

Special Prize: A main winner will be honored by the 2010 Trophy at the opening of the exhibtion.

CULTUREINSIDE publishes a book about the event.


Competition 2010 EUTOPIA

until May 16, 2010 registration at the reduced submission fee
May 17 -  June, 14 2010 registration at the regular submission fee
June 14 2010 deadline for contest submission, midnight  CET
June 21 – June 29 2010 Public Prize Vote
June 30 / July 1st 2010

winners and public prize winners will be announced.

Winners will be contacted for contracts and shipment organization to Luxembourg.

28 July 2010 - September 15 2010

Exhibition EUtopia at the Centre Culturel de Rencontres, Abbaye de Neumünster,  Luxembourg;

Opening on WED July. 28,  2010