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Liviu Epuras
( Romania )

Drawing; Installation; Mixed Media; Painting; Photography; Sculpture

Liviu Epuras - Installations - Sculptures  Installation, Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture


Archaeology: Portable Archaeology 2 (The Mannequin

Archaeology: Apollo with the Golden Branch 1

Archaeology: Apollo with the Golden Branch 2

Archaeology: Apollo with the Golden Branch 3

Archaeology: Apollo with the Golden Branch 4

Polybotes's Death Live on TV 1

Archaeology: Hermes 1

Archaeology: Portable Archeology 1

Portable Archaeology 3 (Happy People Island)

Archaeology: The Dacian Captive 15

Archaeology: The Thracian Horseman 2

Archaeology: Torso di Belvedere

Archaeology: Jason's Throne

Archaeology: Hephaistos

Archaeology: Phaethon

Archaeology: Hermes 2

Archaeology: Hermes 3

Archaeology: Hermes 4

Archaeology: Ares

Archaeology: Icarus's Death

Archaeology: Ophioneos and Eurynome

Archaeology: Portable Archaeology 4

Archaeology: Polybotes's Death Live on TV 2

Archaeology: Leaving Troy

Archaeology: Road to Ithaca

Archaeology: Mimesis Pistoletto

Archaeology: Mimesis Pistoletto (detail)

Archaeology: Jason's Throne (detail)

Archaeology: Pandora's Box (detail)

Archaeology: Portable Archaeology 5 (Raft of the )

Archaeology: The Deep of the Black Sea

Archaeology: Portable Archaeology 6 (The Caryatid)

Archaeology: Pandora's Box

Archaeology: Apollo's Gate in Kassel

Archaeology: Agony in the El Alamein Garden

Archaeology: Factory Visit Live on TV (Road to Sc)

Archaeology: Susanna




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