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Richard T Pranke
( Canada )

Painting; Print

Richard T Pranke - Prankearts  Painting, Print

Hope you enjoy!

Abstract Poppies_sold

Alpine flowers and birches_sold

Rubies in the Emerald Forest_sold

Charlevoix Scene_sold

Pranke's Gallery_sold

Pavots en fleurs_sold

Birch Buddies_sold

Cod Memories_sold

Cascade of Geraniums_sold

Charlevoix North

I Love Tuscany_sold

Morning Glory_sold

Kitchen Scene_sold


Abstract Forest_sold

Bamboo and birds of paradise_sold


Calvet House Old Montreal_sold

Cheese and good wine_sold

Passion In Red_sold

Chateau Frontenac_SOLD



Looking in Looking out_sold

Field Of Poppies 02_SOLD

Charlevoix Inspiration_sold

Afternoon Stroll

Sheep in a field_sold

Birches by the lake_sold

Fall scene_SOLD

Tuscan Villas_SOLD

Cherries Blue Plate_sold

Cherries Green Plate_sold

Just Looking_sold

Looking On_sold

Lavender Scene_SOLD

Automn Trees_SOLD

The Corner Store_sold

Sail Away_SOLD


Summer Daisies

Tuscan Sunflowers

A touch of Canada_sold

Lights up after dusk_sold

Skyward poppies_sold

Looking in the cafe_sold

Looking in the main street_sold

Magical light

St-calixte winter_sold

Valley of the poppies_sold

Blue poppies_sold

Poppies 01_sold

Poppies 02_sold

Sunflowers modern fine arts_sold

Country road fine arts_sold

Lake edge_sold

Over shot mill_sold

Abstract Bamboo and Birds of paradise 04 fine ar

Full Bloom poppies_sold

Holidays in the streets_sold

Full House by Prankearts Fine ART_sold

Where The Birches Grow Prankearts Fine Art_sold

Valley View_sold

Château Frontenac ville de Québec



  • wonderful great work, bravo!

    By charmorier - 1/5/2011 9:53:45 PM
  • Hello Richard,
    I like cheese and a good wine too.
    I will be in July in Montreal and
    if you have time to visit the groupshow at the "Gora Gallery"
    (reception at 27.07.2010)perhaps we can get cheese and wine.
    Kindly regards!

    By BineWeltbilder - 5/16/2010 7:11:01 PM
  • "Walking on the Main" _ great work!

    By Kontis - 9/30/2009 5:13:11 PM
  • Très beau travail de couleur , de matière et de lumière

    By ldbx - 8/21/2009 12:43:06 PM
  • "Looking in....." Is a fantastic idea and excellent work!!!!

    By katrina - 7/7/2009 7:34:18 PM

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