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The (CI.G) is a contemporary fine art gallery responding to today's need of art lovers and art collectors. Together with its international curatorial board, the CULTUREINSIDE. team from US and Europe focussed on putting together a diverse and exciting portfolio. The gallery is dedicated to the promotion of international and national artists, providing original new and undiscovered fine to art lovers as well as to established and emerging collectors. SEE THE GALLERY'S ART COLLECTION (soon accessible online)  


The gallery’s mission is to catalyze interaction between visual artists, the local community and the wider public, in order to preserve the city-center of Luxembourg as a springboard for new world art. CI.G presents a year - round program of new exhibitions in its gallery.

The gallery is a "real space of and for the international artist network CULTUREINSIDE" offering worldwide visibility and connections to more than 3400 artists from more than 90 countries. The selection of the represented artists and artworks is done by the curator team from US and Europe.

The gallery provides an opportunity to artists who are entering the European and US art market, in particular Luxembourg and New York.  

The Gallery is located in the heart of Europe, in Luxembourg, and even more in the city-center, the shopping and gallery district, close to the Casino - Forum d'art contemporain (map and directions). The gallery showcases a spectacular array of talented artists from around the world and around the corner, and provides quality and original art to a discerning collector base. 

The Gallery combines the virtual and real modern art scene and is dedicated to serving both artists and collectors and art amateurs, it offers a wide spectrum of art programs, including:

1. EXHIBITIONS - A dynamic schedule of collective and annual fine art exhibitions, open to the public and featuring the work of our talented artists.

2. CULTUREINSIDE INTERNATIONAL ART COMPETITIONS – CULTUREINSIDE ART AWARD - an annual competition with entries from around the world that are juried by experienced art experts and curators. The gallery introduces the juror-selected artists to the EU Art scene, through exhibitions and promotional activities both online and in print.


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address: 8, rue Notre-Dame
L-2240 Luxembourg
phone (+352) 26 20 09 60