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ART MEETS BUSINESS at the occasion of the 10th anniversary of 1,2,3 GO.


Call is closed 

On June 16h 2010, CULTUREINSIDE.COM and 1,2,3, GO will inaugurate a European art exhibition entitled "State of creation". The show will consist of works by artists chosen competitively by a curatorial committee of the Grand Region. The competition is open to photographers, artists & art students inside Europe. Accepted art is photography & digital art (defintion of digital art see in FAQ).

Is it the State or the state (of creation)? It can be both, and more. A state can both be a political border, a stage between differences, and an emotion. When you are in the state of creation you are in a place where the laws are based on play, possibilities, imagination and craft. Solutions are found there. At the source of creation is often the idea which needs a ground to flourish. This means a space open for initiatives outside the bounds of politics and exclusion. Creation leads to changes & innovation and initiates processes of progress. Here in Luxembourg, in a European and interregional context, Art meets Business. A spirit of creation is the source of both. Open societies are reflective on ideas, promoting and supporting initiatives, working on social issues, willing to change. The artists participating in this exhibition offer works based on these ideas. We look forward to showcasing new works of digital art and modern photography in which the artists share their interpretations of the State of creation.

The organizers ask that works or proposals relating to the theme be submitted in a CULTUREINSIDE online gallery for competition (see left : how to apply). The curators will review up to 5 images from artists applying to participate. Artists using photography and digital art (definition see in FAQ Contest) are welcome. 

Awards include: exhibition participation in 2 exclusive exhibition spaces. Winning entries will be selected for physical exhibition at the 10th anniversary of 1,2,3 GO in the Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg. 1,2,3 GO Network Public Vote, live poll to select the COUP de COEUR artwork on June 16, 2010 by the audience. Then the show will move to the Conference Center of the European Commission in Luxembourg where a second opening will be organized. Online promotion and publicity in newspaper and magazines. The winning works will also be presented in the online show. A printed catalog will be produced. 



call runs until April, 18, 2010 free submission of works by artists
April, 22 - May, 2 2010 Selection of winners by the jury
May, 17 2010 winners selected by the jury will be announced.Winners will be contacted by CULTUREINSIDE for organizational reason

May, 17 - 31

June, 1

Vote by 1,2,3 GO Network

announcement of 1,2,3 Go Network winner

June 16, 2010

10 year anniversary of 1,2,3 GO - 1st opening of the exhibition STATE OF CREATION, Chamber of Commerce, Luxembourg;

1 artist will be honored by the 1,2,3 GO Network  at the inauguration.

June 17 - July 9, 2010

July 1, 2010

In the following the exhibition moves to the Conference Center of the European Commission, Luxembourg.

Opening at the European Commission