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CULTUREINSIDE congratulates all participants to the high number of creative works submitted to the competition ROOTED. The CI team is very impressed by your entries, by specific conceptual ideas and the efforts undertaken to create new works in the context of ROOTED. We thank you all for your high interest and efforts. We are happy to announce you the artists whose works are selected by the jury. 


This prize is selected by the CULTUREINSIDE community members. The winner of this prize will be mentioned in the online catalogue of the show. This prize goes to :  George Cabig Philippines

The ranking of the Public Prize is the following:




  Georges Cabig, Philippines  


  Juliette Gribnau, Netherlands  


  Antoine Molinero, France  


  André Bielen, France + Gurkan Kurt, Turkey  



What more?

A book will be made. A selection of artworks will be shown in order to honor the diversity of concepts and artworks to the theme ROOTED. 

GALERIE CLAIREFONTAINE sponsors 5 workshops at PHOTOMEETINGS Luxembourg, taking place in September 2009. PHOTOMEETINGS 2009 is an international annual photo festival, organised by GALERIE CLAIREFONTAINE. A combination of workshops by renowned photographers, lectures by theorists and specialists will be on offer.
The following artists will have a free workshop participation (we can't take over costs for travel or accomodation):): Christelle-André-Bewig, Volker Schütz, Suzan Shutan, Nicolas Sansonnet, Hyeyoung Yun.


One or several work(s) of the following artist group will be promoted in the online show and appear in the online catalogue.  The work selection will be shown publicly when the online show begins. Congratulations to 

Cullen Washington USA - Monika Grygier Spain - Thierry Bruet France - Jerome de Lint Netherlands Ela Gora Poland - Marian Sava Belgium - Jakuesta Kuesta SpainRoger Dornseiffer LuxembourgPhilippe Fougère France - Peter Ciccariello USA - Noha Kiriba France - Aleksandra Gregorczyk France - Lu Sen ChinaJoseph Rabie France - Jason Murphy Australia - Bérengère d'Orsay France - Katie Hinton USAHyeyoung Yun France - Stefan Fransson SwedenAchim Blankenhorn Germany - Anita Dore Luxembourg - Charles-Edouard Mosneron Dupin BelgiumBernadette Snyers LuxembourgGeorge Cabig Philippines  - Suzan Shutan USA - Ela Gora PolandTina Psoinos USA - Jean-Marie Chevallier France - Paula Barkmeier USA - Marie Mercier France - Natalia Rosenbaum Russia - Kingsley Ogwara LuxembourgArtem Artem Denmark - Heather Carrol Luxembourg - Ekatarina Existart RussiaGaby Federmann Germany - Marnie Pitts United Kingdom - Connie R. de la Espreilla Colombia - Rol Steimes LuxembourgFrançoise Cariou France - Nicolas Sansonnet Luxembourg - Corinne László NetherlandsAki Kimoto USA - Helga Kreuzritter GermanyJan Kölling Netherlands - Rose Assa Luxembourg - Maciej Hoffman Poland - Byron Coons US -Teona Macharashvili GeorgiaBernard Maricau France 


Adam Martinakis GreeceNebojsa Despotovic Serbia - Myriam Ziade Luxembourg - Brad Carlile USA - Franca Giovanrosa Italy will showcase their works in the ROOTED show at GALERIE CLAIREFONTAINE in Luxembourg-city. Congratulations!


These artists will be represented through their portfolios in the exhibition: George Cabig, Philippines - Jerome de Lint, Netherlands - Jason Murphy, Australia - Ela Gora, Poland. (Cultureinside will contact you.)