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brittany frederick
( Canada )

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brittany frederick

april 25th 2011

i am brittany frederick, and i love art :)

i am a student, i rather enjoy art. i admire people who strive to be great and try to express true emotion and feeling in their art work.

i have takin a 3 year art progam in junior high with a truely incredible teacher. he tought us the basic way of art and went forth with it. he showed us how to look out side the box, and be ourselves. not only did he do an amazing job in encouraging me with pressing my limits he thought me a valuable lesson.

i feel strongly about art. not saying i am a great artist, but i try and i practice my skill. i dont just give up when i fail. i learn from my mistakes in the art jorney and that is what makes a great artist. that is the lesson i learnt from a sensational teacher. :)



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  • Thank for your comments.
    I am looking to see more from you
    hughes - 04.05.2011 18:14:36

  • Thank you very much for your sweet comment on my site !
    I am looking forward to see your art here on CI !
    Sincerely Josefin
    JJJartstudio - 27.04.2011 09:04:20

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  • i am so inspired by this art you have made here, very very beautiful!!
    Thebrit - 18.05.2011 20:16:37

  • WOW!!!! AMAZING!
    Thebrit - 16.05.2011 22:56:07

  • wonderful and amazing :) i love gaga!! and i love this art work u did!
    Thebrit - 16.05.2011 22:40:36

  • absolutly beautiful!!!!!
    Thebrit - 27.04.2011 19:41:50

  • i absolutly love your work :)
    Thebrit - 25.04.2011 22:21:56