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Lena Magazi
( Greece )

Mischtechnik; Malerei; Fotografie


Profil von Lena Magazi

Lena Magazi

I spent my childhood years in Thessaloniki,a beautiful,picturesque water front city in the Northern part of Greece.Having a grandmother who was an artist I grew around paints and brushes and I was often used as a live model for her.Probably that was the reason why I was constantly sketching during all those years.Later in time I moved to Los Angeles U.S.A.I studied interior design at Sheffield School of Interior Design,while at the same time I studied painting at a local workshop. After spending many years there I returned back to Thessaloniki where I studied painting for about 4 years while at that same time I was guided by two well-known artists in my home town,that was just to get to know their personal tricks and technics. I decorated many homes,shop windows and furniture exhibitions,I got into property development,I designed homes modern and traditional and after all this I'm into painting which is my second big love after decorating. For me, expressing myself through art, is a great antidote against routine and the stumbling on life impediments.I'm sure many of you out there would agree with me. I love good music of many kinds,I love traveling,cooking,swimming,reading (what great pleasure!)sipping wine with friends in front of the fireplace on cold winter nights,collecting shells and sea-washed wood with what I create all sorts of decorative stuff. And much much more...


Comments received

  • ..emotions between reality and dream -- absolut great -
    LongHornArt - 22.10.2013 09:59:48

  • I especially like your Couple with butterflies and Night butteflies! Thanks for sharing!
    ChaniD - 24.07.2013 10:58:51

  • beautiful.....your art works are very
    fantastic....congratulation ....
    knowyunduk - 27.06.2012 07:31:36

  • i love it so much, thanck you
    TINTAMART - 21.10.2011 09:06:52

  • excellent work , I like it very much.
    show more like this
    Anindya - 29.08.2011 14:33:33

  • Hello,Lena,
    i love the picture gateway to heaven. Very wunderfulI have also a new galerie with the name Antarktis-Penguines. What do you say to me pictures.
    Gaby Federmann
    biggi - 13.09.2010 11:02:05

  • gracieuse et romantique la danseuse de la toile "ondancing on Valentino"
    mymy - 06.08.2010 22:45:03

  • magnifique ciel!
    carpediam - 20.06.2010 14:15:45

  • Bonjour Lena J'aime beaucoup les danseuses,c'est harmonieux et les couleurs magnifique
    soltart30 - 19.05.2010 22:42:49

  • It's very different of the dancing girls but it's interesting.
    The work is in the composition and colours.
    The idea is amusing
    marcou - 02.05.2010 18:06:58

Comments sent

  • All your paintings are so interesting,so different,so you!
    lenamagazi - 15.08.2011 11:26:05

  • Lovely warm colours bring out a warm heart.
    lenamagazi - 15.08.2011 11:23:46

  • The "Ballantynes Close"I like a lot.
    lovely Vibrant colours.
    I also like the fact that you give all the details about your buildings,I appreciate that.
    lenamagazi - 16.09.2010 20:45:46

    lenamagazi - 07.05.2010 19:51:04

  • Thanks for your nice comments Christiane!
    I love your work and especially "flamboyance"!!
    lenamagazi - 17.04.2010 00:10:32

  • I love the combination of your colours.Bravo!
    lenamagazi - 05.04.2010 18:23:03

  • Nice work!
    lenamagazi - 17.03.2010 20:39:59

  • Beautiful work!
    lenamagazi - 17.03.2010 20:30:33

  • Your pics. are breathtaking!!!
    lenamagazi - 17.03.2010 20:21:19

  • Your "terre-etre gallery is lovely!I love those earthy tones!
    lenamagazi - 17.03.2010 12:32:57


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